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  • Landscape in America
  • Cultural landscape ; Cultural studies ; Historical geography ; Landscape ; Landscape analysis ; Landscape esthetics ; United States of America
  • Nineteen essays that describe landscape meanings from different perspectives: landscape interpretation, landscape as a historic experience, landscape as myth and meaning, and landscape as artifice and art. - (DWG)
  • Lighthouse symbolism in the American landscape
  • Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Lighthouse ; United States of America
  • The rethoric and esthetics of haphazard landscapes
  • On the meaning of natural beauty in landscape legislation
  • Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Legislation ; Nature conservation ; Nature park
  • Based on an analysis of the antecedents to legislation for the protection of natural beauty, and of subsequent efforts to analyse and describe fine landscapes, this paper considers the contested use of ‘natural beauty’ in current landscape policy.
  • [b1] University of Sheffield, Department of Landscape, Sheffield, Royaume-Uni
  • White sand and blue pines : a nostalgic landscape of Japan
  • Coastal environment ; Cultural landscape ; Japan ; Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Pine ; Sand
  • Japan, both the landscape and the idealized image of it are fading away. - (DWG)
  • Learning to love the landscapes of carbon-neutrality
  • Landscapes of Energies. Special Issue
  • Carbon economy ; Cultural landscape ; Landscape ; Landscape dynamics ; Landscape esthetics ; Sustainable development
  • This paper proposes that society’s pursuit of sustainable development will involve landscape changes that attract protest and opposition. It considers the role of drivers of change. Energy is likely to be a major driver of new landscapes. Reference
  • is made to the notion of the acquired aesthetic. The paper therefore raises the possibility that we can learn to see beauty and attractiveness in emerging landscapes of carbon neutrality.
  • [b1] University of Sheffield, Department of Landscape, Sheffield, Royaume-Uni
  • Cultural landscape ; Esthetics ; Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Research ; Tourism
  • Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Perception ; Theory
  • Festivals, landscapes, and aesthetic engagement : a phenomenological approach to four Norwegian festivals
  • Cultural landscape ; Cultural studies ; Esthetics ; Festival ; Norway ; Phenomenology
  • The article examines the relationship between festivals, landscapes, and aesthetics. Festivals are characterized by social, aesthetic, and symbolic value, as well as cohesion, joy, openness, expressive, play, and diversity, and that experience
  • Agricultural region ; California ; Cultural landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Rural area ; Rural landscape ; United States
  • landscape a certain appeal. - (DWG)
  • Cultural landscape ; Cultural patrimony ; Cultural studies ; Environmental perception ; Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Nature conservation ; Site preservation
  • The A. poses multiple questions about how we feel about the past ; how we see the landscape ; how and what we learn from them ; and when we should make a decision to preserve them. - (DWG)
  • Recovering the substantive nature of landscape
  • Concept ; Cultural identity ; Cultural studies ; Custom ; England ; Ideology ; Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Place ; Territorial identity
  • This study of the evolving meaning of a key geographical term advocates a substantive (real rather than apparent) conception of landscape. A substantive concept of landscape is more concerned with social law and justice than with natural law
  • or aesthetics. The A. seeks to recover this meaning of landscape through an historical and geographical analysis of the transformations of meanings undergone by the concepts of landscape and nature.
  • Cultural geography ; Historical geography ; Landscape esthetics ; Planned landscape ; United States ; Urban park
  • Description of the collaborative work of two famous American landscape architects, F. Olmstead and C. Vaux, to create a public park in the small city of Newburgh, New York. - (DWG)
  • Creating and recreating an ideal : the role of historic landscapes in a rapidly changing urban area
  • Gentrification ; Landscape esthetics ; Oregon ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban district ; Urban renewal
  • Cultural landscape ; Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Territoriality
  • Classification ; Concept ; Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Natural landscape ; Theory
  • Belgium ; Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Management ; Natural landscape ; Territory ; Wallonie
  • France ; Landscape ; Landscape esthetics ; Landscape evaluation ; Prospective study ; Wind energy
  • Civilization ; Community ; Cultural studies ; Esthetics ; Ethics ; Europe ; Landscape ; Modernity
  • The landscape goes beyond his own definition. It prints the man whom it is marked by: it reflects him and his history. There is difference between landscape tout court and cultural landscape. The former is generic and the latter includes a universe
  • of values, images and symbols. Each community engraved there its ethics and aesthetics. In European landscapes, for example, we can see the distinctive and unique civilization signs. Modernity is now eroding and banalising the landscape scenery. We think
  • Cultural geography ; Guadeloupe ; Insularity ; Landscape esthetics ; Literature