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  • Land utilization in China : its problems and prospects in Land use in China.
  • Utilities, land-use change, and urban development : brownfield sites as cold-spots of infrastructure networks in Berlin
  • Berlin ; Consumption ; Deindustrialization ; Facilities ; Germany ; Infrastructure ; Land use ; Segregation ; Spatial differentiation ; Supplying ; Urban area ; Urban development
  • Drawing on recent research into the spatial strategies of utility companies, after liberalisation and privatisation, the A. identifies disused industrial sites as cold-spots of infrastructure systems where energy and water consumption has recently
  • collapsed. He analyses the challenges facing Berlin's major utilities as a result of shifting patterns of resource consumption and overcapacity. He then examines the responses of the utilities in the context of recent institutional changes to infrastructure.
  • A new attempt at an ecological classification of land utilization systems
  • Classification ; Ecology ; Farming system ; Farming;Agriculture ; Land use ; Nutrient ; Taxonomy
  • After a brief review of previous classifications, the A. advocates an approach for an ecologically-based classification of utilization systems, consisting of two elements : one describing the productive environment, and the other describing the main
  • Foldhasznositasi térképezés Bodrogkeresztur térségében. (Land utilization mapping in the Bodrogkeresztur region)
  • The most famous well-known historical wine-growing region of Hungary is Tokaj-Hegyalja. In 1975-1976 the AA. carried out land utilization mapping in the course of which agricultural growing has been surveyed on a map of scale 1:2880. (CK).
  • Effects of common property resource utilization on wildlife conservation in Nigeria
  • This study examines the efficiency of common resource utilization (forest resources, land use changes) and its impact on wildlife conservation.
  • The present state and developmental orientation of land utilization in mountainous red earth regions in China. Take Fujian Province in Land use in China.
  • Fujian is somewhat representative of China's mountainous and hilly red earth regions. Four patterns of land utilization are common in this region : the first reflecting temperature differences, the second for soil preservation, the third based
  • The pattern of land utilization in and around Tarakeswar town
  • Agrarian development and conflicts of land utilization in the coastal plains of Calabria (South Italy) in Mediterranean regions.
  • The role of tourism in land utilization conflicts on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in Mediterranean regions.
  • The utilization and management of land resources in Malaysia in Natural Resources.
  • Restrictions in the re-utilization of former military land
  • Army ; Germany ; Land use ; Regional planning ; Soil pollution ; Urban planning
  • The A. deals with the most important restrictions on the re-utilization. Handing over military land involves problems of combining the actual handover with the architectural planning on the part of local councils. One problem, in particular
  • , is that of ground contamination on the former military land. - (L'A.).
  • Erfassung und Nutzung digitaler Standortdaten im Informationssystem Boden. (Registration and utilization of digital data in the information system land)
  • Besides analogue, digital registration of land use data in the frame of the information system land gains an increasing importance. The digital registration of mapping units enable user-suitable processing. (HL).
  • Urfelvételek felhasznalasa foldhasznositasi térképezés céljaira Lengyelorszagban. (Utilization of space images for land use mapping in Poland)
  • A land use map for the whole area of Poland was prepared by analogue processing in the OPOLIS centre in Warsaw. Polish experts worked at the West Lafayette University (Indiana), where they prepared a land use and a forest map. (DLO).
  • The economics of municipal utility districts for land development
  • Action municipale ; Analyse économique ; Croissance urbaine ; Dallas ; Egout ; Etats-Unis ; Financement ; Finances locales ; Fiscalité ; Gestion urbaine ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Houston ; Municipal Utility District ; Métropole ; Texas
  • Rappel de ce que sont les districts municipaux de viabilité (Municipal Utility districts) dans la réglementation aux Etats-Unis. Analyse économique des services de viabilité. Le rôle des M.U.D. dans le développement immobilier des villes de Dallas
  • Preliminary study on land-use investigation and method of mapping.
  • Land-use investigation serves as one of the basic tasks on examining the land resources, current state of their utilization, and the ways and approaches of rational utilization in the light of the requirements of planning regionally and nationally
  • . Both traditional geographic methods and new technology will have their parts to play in data capturing. Criteria for land-use classification are discussed and land-use map making and analysis briefly described. (TNC).
  • Nutzung von Daten der Fernerkundung in der Kartographie. (Utilization of remote sensing data in cartography)
  • The demands of geometry and the information contents of remote sensing data from the cartographic point of view are determined. Application in the production of land use maps. (HL).
  • Land use planning in a world of shrinking resources
  • Exploitation du Second Land Utilization Survey britannique. Gaspillage d'espace dû à la suburbanisation des dernières décennies. Propositions pour une politique plus prudente. (CC).
  • Development and protection of land resources in the Loess Plateau.
  • Some features of the formation of the loess plateau and of soil characteristics are discussed. Human interference with the surface utility of the loess. Measures are suggested for the restoration of the usefulness of the land resources. (TNC).
  • Determinants and utilization of Banjar land : a case study of District Sultanpur
  • Land reserves in Southern Sumatra/Indonesia and their potentialities for agricultural utilization in South East Asia.