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  • The effect of land tenure systems on agricultural production: a case study of the land tenancy system in the Okun area of Kwara State, Nigeria
  • Relationships among land, tenancy, and fertility: a study of Philippine Barrios
  • Choice of agricultural tenancy in the presence of transaction costs
  • The AA. develop and test with Indian data a model of transaction costs capable of explaining the choice among three major forms of agricultural land contracts : wage, share and rent contracts.
  • Housing tenancy rights
  • Basic characteristics of housing relations, tenancy title, dwelling providers, general act on the allotment of dwellings, use of dwelling, exchange of dwellings, subtenancy and co-tenancy, private ownership of dwellings, rational use of dwelling
  • Farm size, tenancy and land productivity: an analysis of farm level data in Bangladesh agriculture
  • Factors influencing ownership, tenancy, mobility and use of farmland in Denmark
  • Factors influencing ownership, tenancy, mobility and use of farmland in the whited kingdom
  • Cross-sectional variations and temporal changes in land area under tenancy and their implications for agricultural productivity.
  • Agricultural colonization ; Agricultural policy ; Land tenancy ; Living standard ; Paraguay ; Population distribution ; Rural development
  • The residential mobility process in Belfast: a consideration of public sector tenancy allocations
  • Africa ; Desert ; Farming;Agriculture ; Irrigation ; Land tenancy ; Maghreb ; Migration ; Northern Africa ; Oasis ; Population ; Regional economy ; Society ; Water economics
  • The book discusses economic and planning strategy, development, employment and under-employment of productive forces, distribution of means of production relation, farm size, tenancy system and efficiency, growth and distribution of assets, income
  • Factors influencing ownership, tenancy, mobility and use of farmland in the member states of the European Community.
  • differences in tenancy status, dwelling type and lot densities. It is possible to construct a schematic model of antipodean urban development to represent the period prior to large-scale suburbanisation.
  • Dynamique des paysages de pâturage et tenances à la désertification des semi-déserts dans la région de la Caspienne