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  • The Dutch labour market in Spatial labour markets.
  • Het regionaal arbeidsaanbod in Nederland| structuur en ontwikkeling. The regional supply of labour in the Netherlands| structure and development
  • This report analyses structure and development of the regional labour supply in the Netherlands. It concentrates on six labour market areas in this country. The emphasis is on the quantitative aspects of labour market areas. - (AGD)
  • Migration between labour market areas in Great Britain, 1970-1971
  • Bassin de main-d'oeuvre ; Flux migratoire ; Great Britain ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Migration ; Migration de travail ; Migration intérieure ; Royaume-Uni ; Standard metropolitan labour area (SMLA) ; Système urbain ; Ville ; entropie
  • The urban labor market in the Netherlands in Spatial labour markets.
  • House prices and local labour market performance : an analysis of Building Society data for 1985
  • Labour market, class structure and regional formations in Italy
  • Regional investment subsidies: an estimation of the labour market effects for the Dutch regions in Twenty-first European Congress Barcelona, 1981.
  • Employment stimulation and the local labour market: a case study of airport growth
  • Social structure and spatial mobility. Composition and dynamics of the Dutch labour force.
  • The central theme of this book has been defined by the ways in which people are mobile in both the labour and the housing market. Their mobility behaviour has been seen as structurally linked to their socio-economic situation and to the type
  • Woon-werkstad, verkenning van het grootstedelijk milieu Residential and labour aspects of the metropolitan environment
  • Articles by several human geographers concerning the urban development. Attention is paid to the location and inter-urban migration of offices, the possibilities for revaluation of towns and a survey concerning labour markets in urban areas. (AGD).
  • Job shortfalls in British local labour market areas: a classification of labour supply and demand trends, 1971-1981
  • Some aspects of tourism, seasonality and local labour markets
  • Social structures, labour markets and spatial configurations in modern Portugal
  • Gender-specific local labour market areas in England and Wales
  • Competition and accessibility on a regional labour market
  • Local Labour market analysis: its importance and a possible approach
  • Labour market areas in Great Britain: developments since 1961
  • Industrial restructuring as class restructuring: production decentralization and local uniqueness in Local labour markets: analysis and policies.
  • Regional labour markets: trends, structure and relevance from a European perspective in 22nd European congress, Groningen, 1982.
  • Quantitative impact assessment of a regionally-oriented labour market programme in Germany in 22nd European congress, Groningen, 1982.