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  • Les ancetres noirs "revolutionnaires" dans la ville caribeenne d aujourd hui : l exemple de Livingston, Guatemala
  • Livingston - Guatemala - Amerique centrale - Amerique - Cultes - Sociologie urbaine - Anthropologie urbaine
  • Livingston
  • Africa on the spot and from the distance : David Livingstone's missionary travels and Nineteenth-Century practices of illustration
  • Livingstone studies : Bicentenary essays
  • Exploration ; Illustration ; Image ; LIVINGSTONE (D.) ; Récit de voyage ; Siècle 19 ; Voyage
  • This article examines the production of illustrations for David Livingstone's Missionary Travels (1857) by concentrating on the assumed connection or closeness of the images to Livingstone. First, it focuses on illustrations that were produced
  • on the basis of sketches made by Livingstone or on objects collected by him. Second, it examines images produced with his assistance and, third, illustrations that were only remotely connected or completely unrelated to Livingstone and the journey told
  • Writing and remembrance : new directions in Livingstone studies
  • Livingstone studies : Bicentenary essays
  • Epoque victorienne ; Exploration ; Histoire de la géographie ; Impérialisme ; LIVINGSTONE (D.) ; Recherche ; Récit de voyage ; Savoir géographique
  • This volume of essays contains some of the best recent work on the Victorian missionary and explorer Livingstone, gathered together for the bicentenary of his birth. It summarises the various papers in the collection, gathered together under the two
  • broad thematic categories of writing and remembrance. The papers speak well beyond their Livingstone focus. Scholars are directed to the margins of empire, as the articles articulate the importance of peripheral spaces and intercultural interaction
  • H.M. Stanley, David Livingstone, and the staging of Anglo-Saxon manliness
  • Livingstone studies : Bicentenary essays
  • Afrique ; Afrique centrale ; Colonialisme ; Ethnicité ; Exploration ; Histoire coloniale ; Histoire de la géographie ; Impérialisme ; LIVINGSTONE (D.) ; Récit de voyage ; STANLEY (H.M.) ; Siècle 19 ; Virilité anglo-saxonne
  • The article examines the portrayal of the meeting between the Scottish missionary David Livingstone and the Welsh-American journalist Henry Morton Stanley in Stanley's popular travelogue How I Found Livingstone (1872). It analyses Stanley's
  • ambivalent attitude to his own Celtic and Welsh identity and suggests that he also deliberately plays down Livingstone's Scottishness. By using the peripheral space of Central Africa to delineate a mode of Anglo-Saxon manliness in response to specific
  • David Livingstone's missionary travels in Britain and America : exploring the wider circulation of a Victorian travel narrative
  • Livingstone studies : Bicentenary essays
  • Afrique du Sud ; Commerce ; Exploration ; LIVINGSTONE (D.) ; Récit de voyage ; Savoir géographique ; Siècle 19
  • First published in London in 1857 by Murray, Livingstone's Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa was the bestselling travel narrative in nineteenth-century Britain. The remarkable commercial success it enjoyed helps to explain
  • the significant scholarly attention it has attracted to date. The paper extends the critical focus, demonstrating that the remarkable appetite for knowledge of Livingstone and his travels at this time gave rise to a set of alternative accounts. While
  • these publications have not yet received significant scholarly attention, the paper reveals that both Livingstone and his publisher had real concerns about their potential to undermine the authorised volume.
  • Dr David Livingstone and Sir Henry Morton Stanley, an annotated bibliography
  • Afrique ; Afrique centrale ; Bibliographie ; Congo ; Exploration ; Histoire de la géographie ; Livingstone ; Siècle XIX ; Stanley
  • Missionary Travels : Livingstone, Africa and the Book
  • Livingstone studies : Bicentenary essays
  • Afrique ; Exploration ; Impérialisme ; LIVINGSTONE (D.) ; Missionnaire ; Récit de voyage ; Siècle 19 ; Voyage
  • Revue des principaux courants de pensée de la dernière décade concernant la dynamique des dunes linéaires. Discussion du modèle de Bagnold et de deux modèles plus récents proposés par Tsoar et Livingstone.
  • Enhanced bedrock weathering in association with late-lying snowpatches : evidence from Livingston Island, Antarctica
  • An indication of the extent of weathering on different aspects of rock outcrops on Livingston Island, Antarctica, was obtained by means of a Schmidt hammer, a cone indenter and measurement of weathering rind thickness. Results show that weathering
  • Channel adjustments of the lower Trinity River, Texas, downstream of Livingston Dam
  • Channel cross-sectional changes since construction of livingston Dam and Lake Livingston in 1968 were studied in the lower Trinity River, to test theoretical models of channel adjustment, and to determine controls on the spatial extent of channel
  • Drilling and installation for permafrost thermal monitoring on Livingstone Island in the maritime Antarctic
  • This paper describes 3 new boreholes (1.6, 15 and 25 m deep) that were drilled and instrumented in 2008 on the top of Mount Reina Sofia near the Spanish Antarctic station on Livingston Island, South Shetland archipelago. Because these boreholes
  • Formas y depósitos de la zona de Johnson Dock. Mapa geomorfológico. Isla Livingston. Shetland del sur
  • Modelé et dépôts de la zone de Johnson Dock. Carte géomorphologique. Ile Livingston. Shetland du Sud
  • Livingston en Californie)
  • Four different stages of land occupance pattern development can be recognized in a Japanese-American community in the Livingston area, California. The entire system can be considered to be adjusted to American cultural contexts. - (SGA)
  • Ce thème a fait l'objet d'importants débats lors de la conférence annuelle des géographes britanniques en 1995. Ils ont été influencés par la publication de l'ouvrage de D.N. Livingstone en 1992 (The geographical tradition: episodes in the history
  • The host society and the consequences of tourism in Livingstone, Zambia