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  • Morphology and sediments of sandwaves in the St-Lawrence estuary
  • Saxton manuscript maps and surveys not described by Evans and Lawrence
  • Four surveys by C. Saxton and three by R. Saxton neither listed nor described by I. Evans and H. Lawrence in their book published in 1979 are here presented.
  • Rejecting violence on the landscape in Lawrence, Kansas
  • Cimetière ; Etats-Unis ; Identité ; Kansas ; Lawrence ; Lieu de mémoire ; Mémorial ; Paysage ; Symbolique de l'espace ; Ville
  • The town of Lawrence endured attacks twice in 19th century. The memorialized landscapes of these tragedies display ambivalence toward the past. The town found sources for its historical identity that do not reflect these tragedies. The A. uses a set
  • Some regional themes in the writings of D. H. Lawrence
  • Culturel ; Généralités sur la géographie ; Identité régionale ; Lawrence (D. H.) ; Littérature ; Paysage ; Perception ; Région
  • Les oeuvres majeures de D. H. Lawrence sont analysées sous une optique régionale selon quatre thèmes majeurs: paysages idylliques de la campagne anglaise, dévastation des paysages industriels, harmonie des paysages italiens, grandeur impressionnante
  • San Francisco in ruins : the 1906 serial photographs of George R. Lawrence
  • Holocene relative sea-level fluctuations in the St. Lawrence estuary, Québec, Canada
  • Late Wisconsinan deglaciation and Champlain Sea invasion in the St. Lawrence Valley, Québec
  • Ploughing boulders along shorelines, with particular reference to the St. Lawrence estuary
  • Tidal marsh erosion by geese, St Lawrence estuary, Québec
  • Holocene development of parabolic dunes in the central Saint Lawrence lowland, Québec
  • Numerical modelling of climate change impacts on Saint-Lawrence River tributaries
  • The impacts of climate-induced changes in discharge and base level in 3 tributaries of the Saint-Lawrence River, Québec, are modelled for the period 2010–2099 using a one-dimensional morphodynamic model. Changes in channel stability and bed-material
  • delivery to the Saint-Lawrence River over this period are simulated for all combinations of 7 tributary hydrological regimes (present-day and those predicted using 3 global climate models and 2 greenhouse gas emission scenarios) and 3 scenarios of how
  • the base level provided by the Saint-Lawrence River will alter (no change, gradual fall, step fall). The different results highlight the importance of investigating several rivers using several climate models in order to determine trends in climate change
  • C 14 chronology for ice retreat and inception of Champlain Sea in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Canada
  • -based extrapolation of bottommost ages on terrestrial plant macrofossils in sediments of this lake, and of another lakenearby support an estimate 11,100 C 14 yr B.P. for marine invasion in the Central St. Lawrence River Lowlands. Results indicate a 400
  • The long-term effectiveness of fish habitat restoration practices : Lawrence Creek, Wisconsin
  • This article examines the long-term effects of bank-cover deflectors on the physical fish habitat and on the channel morphology. The study was conducted on Lawrence Creek, where trout habitat had been affected negatively by intense cattle grazing
  • Macrofossil record of a middle Holocene drop in relative sea level at the St. Lawrence estuary, Québec
  • Late and postglacial paleoenvironments of the Gulf of St. Lawrence: marine and terrestrial palynological evidence
  • Seismostratigraphy of the middle St. Lawrence estuary : a late Quaternary glacial marine to estuarine depositional/erosional record
  • A new framework for the Pleistocene stratigraphy of the central St. Lawrence lowland, southern Quebec
  • Tree-ring dating of shore erosion events (Upper St. Lawrence estuary, eastern Canada)