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  • Teaching law and geography
  • Criminality ; Law of the sea ; Laws ; Pedagogy ; Teaching of geography ; United States
  • Outline for a university-level course in law and geography that draws examples from water and criminal justice law. - (DWG)
  • The trials of Laurence Powell: law, space, and a big time use of force
  • The A. seeks to develop two of the central claims of the emerging critical literature on the relationships between law and geography - that the law is an ongoing interpretive construction influenced by extralegal discourses, and that law, society
  • Wrestling with law : (geographical) specificity vs. (legal) abstraction in Law, regulation, and geography. 2.
  • Geographical research touching on law is assessed in the context of a discussion of current trends in legal thought and legal scholarship, which is recently receptive to interdisciplinary influences.
  • Racism and law in Canada : a geographical perspective in Law, regulation, and geography. 1.
  • The major concern of the paper is to show not only that racism has operated in Canada in spite of the rule of law but that the law has itself been an instrument used in the construction of racism as a hegemonic social relationship.
  • The law of the tribe, the law of the nation, and double patriotism in Latin America in Anthropology and social change in rural areas.
  • The annihilation of space by law : the roots and implications of anti-homeless laws in the United States
  • The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature and implications of anti-homeless laws, and their relationship to the ideology of globalization and livability in four areas. The changing legal structure of public space is examinded in American
  • cities, focusing on th rash of laws that seek to limit the actions of homeless people. These laws attempt the annihilation of the people who live in space. They reflect and reinforce a exclusionary sense of modern citizenship.
  • Do municipal residency laws affect labour market outcomes ?
  • Studies investigating the economic effects of residency laws on municipal labour markets have not obtained consistent results. The A. re-examines the effects of residency laws using newer data, relatively large samples and cities with a wide range
  • of populations and data for protective services. Residency laws do not affect compensation and employment for either police or firefighters. Possible explanations for the results are non-compliance with the laws or variations in who is affected by the laws.
  • Gibrat's law and the growth of Canadian cities
  • This paper tests for the existence of diseconomies of size for Canadian cities using Gibrat's Law. Testing for that Law is equivalent to testing for unit roots commonly found in the time series literature. The tests indicate that Gibrat's Law cannot
  • The foreign trade of China. Policy, law and pratice
  • African economic problems and the African position on the law of the sea in relation to manganese nodules
  • La Lawe, une petite vallée aux trois visages
  • Aménagement régional ; Artois ; France ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Lawe, riv. ; Nord, région ; Vallée
  • Description détaillée de la vallée de la Lawe à la recherche d'une impossible unité (véritable oasis de verdure de ses sources jusqu'à Béthune, puis complètement défigurée à travers le Bassin Houiller) et des aménagements de la rivière. (JPM).
  • Search and Fetter's law of markets
  • Fetter's law, a classical result of location theory, is respecified to include search costs. Then the implied partition of the market space is derived.
  • Habitability laws and the shrinkage of substandard rental housing stock
  • LAW, C. K.
  • New evidence on Gibrat’s law for cities
  • City size ; Gibrat's law ; Italy ; Spain ; Statistical distribution ; Statistics ; Twentieth Century ; United States of America ; Urban growth ; Urban structure
  • This work tests the validity of Gibrat’s law on the growth of cities, from the US, Spain and Italy, for the entire 20th century. First, panel data unit root tests tend to confirm the validity of Gibrat’s law in the upper-tail distribution. Secondly
  • , when the entire distribution is considered using non-parametric methods, it is found that Gibrat’s law does not hold exactly in the long term. Moreover, the log-normal distribution works well as a description of city size distributions across the whole
  • Resource instrumentalism, privatization, and commodification in Law, regulation, and geography. 2.
  • Water law in the USA has facilitated agricultural, industrial and urban growth through the interrelated processes of resource privatization and commodification. Legislatures and courts have been concerned with resolving the contradictions between
  • Composition and age of Law Bassin and Ridge volcanic rocks: implications for evolution of an interarc basin and remnant arc
  • Le bassin Lau, interposé entre les crêtes Law (W) et Tonga (E), a été formé par expansion océanique locale commencée il y a 5millions d'années. (JRV).
  • Constructal view of scaling laws of river basins
  • The aim of this paper is twofold : to show how the scaling laws of river basins may be anticipated based on Constructal Theory, and to present this theory to geomorphologists as a useful tool for the study of the structure of natural flows
  • Power law or power flaw ?
  • Since its introduction by Svensson in 1959, the power law curve has been widely used in morphological analysis of glacial through cross-profiles. In this paper a general power law is proposed. A unique and unbiased solution for this equation
  • Geography, law and legal struggles: which ways ahead?
  • The A. begins by discussing why it continues to be so difficult to develop critical approaches to law. She considers radical research on law and legal struggles and argues that debates about ways forward in theory and method have been constrained
  • Legitimation conflicts : the politics of hazardous waste siting law in Law, regulation, and geography. 1.