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  • International migration project. The 1975 Kuwait census : a re-evaluation of the size of the expatriate community in Kuwait.
  • Kuwait and the rim of Arabia. Kuwait-Bahrein-Qatar-Oman-United Arab Emirates-Yemen.
  • Morphological and morphostructural features of Kuwait
  • Cenozoic ; Drainage network ; Geomorphological map ; Kuwait ; Neotectonics ; Quaternary ; Regional geology ; Structural geomorphology
  • The aim of this study is to provide basic data on the geological structure of Kuwait, revealed through morphostructural analysis. Analysis of geomorphic data in relation to the geological, structural and tectonic evolution has resulted
  • in the construction of the first morphostructural map of Kuwait which may be considered as the first step towards elucidating the neotectonic evolution.
  • The economy of Kuwait. Development and role in international finance.
  • International migration project. Country case study : Kuwait (part one).
  • Kuwait.
  • Surface geomorphology of Kuwait
  • Aquifer ; Climatic variation ; Dune ; Geomorphology ; Kuwait ; Palaeoclimatology ; Palaeosol ; Pediment ; Tectonics
  • This paper represents the first attempt to divide the surface geomorphology of Kuwait into four major geomorphic zones: a) the coastal zone; b) the wadis and ridges zone; c) the lowland zone; and d) the dune fields zone. Tectonics as well as climate
  • Aeolian processes and sand encroachment problems in Kuwait
  • Arid land;Arid environment ; Dune ; Dust storm ; Environment ; Eolian deflation ; Eolian features ; Eolian transport ; Kuwait ; Natural hazards ; Regional planning ; Sand ; Vegetation
  • This paper presents the various environmental parameters and sedimentological processes that contribute to the occurrence and enhancement of the problem of sand encroachment in Kuwait and discusses concepts relevant to control measures.
  • Kuwait as an alluvial fan of a paleo-river
  • AVHRR ; Alluvial cone ; Arid area ; Drainage network ; Kuwait ; LANDSAT ; NOAA ; Palaeogeography ; Palaeohydrology ; Remote sensing ; Thematic Mapper ; Water resources
  • Satellite images, supported by field observations, have been used to explain the prevalence in western Kuwait of gravels composed mainly of igneous, metamorphic and volcanic rocks that do not occur in or around Kuwait, but are present in the Hijaz
  • Mountains. Satellite data confirm that: a) the fan-shaped channels and ridges in western Kuwait are remnants of a fan-shaped deposit of an ancient river; and b) the river drained the Hijaz Mountains in Western Saudi Arabia. These conclusions have significant
  • Spatial patterns of exogenous mortality in Kuwait
  • Cause of death ; Kuwait ; Mortality ; Population ; Regional pathology
  • Conflict ; Environment ; Environment degradation ; Gulf War ; Kuwait ; Nature conservation ; Political geography ; Pollution
  • Remarks on « ecoterrorism » and ecosystem disruption in Kuwait during the 1991 war in the Persian Gulf. - (DWG)
  • Spatial patterns of major mortality causes in Kuwait
  • The Oxford map of Kuwait: Kuwait: 1: 40000| Kuwait city: 1:10000. Au verso: Kuwait: 1: 500000.
  • Nature and process of labour importing: the Arabian Gulf states of Kuwait, Bahrein, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The Kuwait fund in the context of Arab and Third World politics
  • Urban public transport planning in Kuwait in Geography of transport.
  • Planning development towns in Kuwait in Spatial dimensions of growth.
  • Origin and characteristics of yardangs in the Um Al-Rimam depressions (N Kuwait)
  • Aeolian features ; Arid area ; Kuwait ; Lithology ; Morphometry ; Playa ; Typology ; Wind erosion
  • The aim of this study is to delineate and investigate the various forms of yardangs in the Um Al-Rimam depressions in the northern part of Kuwait. On lithological bases, three main types of yardang have been identified: 7 yardangs are sculptured
  • [b1] Desert Group, Coastal and Air Pollution Dep., Kuwait Inst. for Scientific Research, Safat, Koweit
  • A geomorphological approach to sustainable planning and management of the coastal zone of Kuwait
  • Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; Coastal management ; Coastal protection ; Ecosystem ; Hydrocarbon ; Intertidal zone ; Kuwait ; Land use ; Pollution ; Sediment transport
  • region and its resources. The paper is based on work carried out in the mid 1980s as part of a multi-disciplinary research project which aimed to establish an environmental database for the coastal region of Kuwait. The geomorphological information
  • Morphology of protected and non-protected Nitraria retusa coastal nabkha in Kuwait, Arabian Gulf : A comparative study
  • Aeolian features ; Arid area ; Coastal environment ; Drought ; Environmental conservation ; Environmental degradation ; Geomorphometry ; Human impact ; Kuwait ; Nebkha ; Scrub ; Wind erosion
  • Acción antrópica ; Campo árido ; Degradación del medio ambiente ; Erosión eólica ; Eólico ; Formación arbustiva ; Geomorfometría ; Kuwait ; Litoral ; Protección del medio ambiente ; Sequía
  • This study aimed at the assessment and comparison of the population density, morphometric parameters and granulometric characteristics of the nabkhas along the northern coast of Kuwait Bay. Several nabkha fields were selected within both protected