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  • A geologic and mineral resource assessment of Indonesia
  • This paper presents an assessment of all undiscovered mineral resources in Indonesia by province. In addition to hydrocarbon, study results indicate that Indonesia may be well-endowed in nonfuel mineral resources, particularly in Timor, Nusa
  • Rate limitation and dissolution of highly soluble minerals in Rates of chemical weathering of rocks and minerals.
  • Land restoration after minerals extraction : the role of minerals planning authorities
  • Iron minerals in surface environments
  • Biogenic process ; Biogeochemistry ; Geochemistry ; Iron ; Mineralization ; Pedogenesis ; Surface deposits ; Weathering
  • This chapter provides a brief overview of the major Fe minerals occurring in earth surface environments where organisms are likely to participate in mineral formation. Microbiological activity is known to cause both the dissolution
  • and the precipitation of Fe minerals. Examples illustrate the diverse interactions between the formation of Fe minerals and the biosphere, the results of which are frequently manifested in colorful soils and sediments around the world.
  • The significance of various sediment magnetic mineral fractions for tracing sediment sources in Killimicat Creek
  • Australia ; Confluent ; Heavy minerals ; Magnetic susceptibility ; New South Wales ; Sediment load ; Sedimentology ; Tracer ; Watershed
  • This paper reports on experiments to measure the relative contributions of the magnetic constituents of sediments. The proportionate contributions of heavy and light mineral components of two different sediment streams delivered to the confluence
  • in the headwaters of Killimicat Creek, New South Wales, are determined from mineral magnetic measurements. The results show that most of the magnetic mineral component is associated with sediment particles, rather than the discrete heavy mineral component.
  • Mineralne vody Zvolenskej kotliny. (Mineral waters in the Zvolen Basin)
  • An information of the occurrence, distribution and geochemical characteristics of the individual types of mineral waters in the Zvolen Basin. This basin of Middle Slovakia is rich in mineral waters among them are several evaluated as drinking table
  • mineral waters recommended to exploitation.
  • Analysis of clay minerals in Hungarian loesses on the basis of the clay mineral map of soils in Hungary in Loess and the Quaternary: Chinese and Hungarian case studies.
  • The clay mineral map of soils presented data to analyze the regional composition of loesses. The amount of chlorite increases in the Alpine region, while the ration of smectites grows in the vicinity of andesitic mountains and in the margins
  • Mineral waters and hydrogeothermal resources in Bulgaria
  • Aquifer ; Bulgaria ; Geological structure ; Geothermics ; Mineral water ; Natural resources ; Neotectonics ; Water ; Water resources
  • This paper presents generalized information and evaluation of the geological structure and neotectonic features of Bulgaria and their control on the formation, reproduction and accumulation of thermal mineral waters; the spatial, qualitative
  • and quantitative features of the principal groups of thermal mineral waters and their aquifer systems; and the prospects for utilization of the hydrogeothermal wealth in the social and economic life of this country.
  • [b1] Dept. of Mineral and Thermal Waters, National Center for Balneology and Physiotherapy, Bulgarie
  • The role of energy in the processing of Southern Africa's minerals
  • The use of heavy mineral suites for loess stratigraphy
  • Rocks and minerals.
  • A concise world atlas of geology and mineral deposits. Non metallic minerals, metallic minerals and energy minerals.
  • Planning for minerals extraction
  • Production of iron sulfide minerals by magnetotactic bacteria in sulfidic environments
  • Biogeochemistry ; Eutrophication ; Geochemistry ; Indicator ; Iron ; Micro-organism ; Mineralization ; Palaeo-environment
  • The AA. describe the types and forms of iron sulfide minerals in magnetotactic bacteria and their possible biogeochemical and palaeomagnetic significance.
  • Strontium isotopes as indicators of mineral weathering in catchments
  • The purpose of this paper is to report the 87Sr/86Sr ratios in rain-water, stream-water, soils and rocks in two Scottish catchments and to relate these data to mineral weathering in the soils as the first stage in a more detailed study being carried
  • out in the use of strontium isotopes in mineral weathering studies.
  • Uusiutumattomien luonnonvarojen tuotannon alueelliset erot maapallolla. (Regional differences in the exploitation of mineral resources in the world)
  • The average exploitation of 22 types of mineral resources in the various countries of the world is studied over the three-year period 1978-1980 (1979-1981 for the fuels) and the contribution of each country to the world production of each mineral
  • Crystal structures of manganese oxide minerals
  • The A. emphasizes the current state of knowledge of the crystal structures and chemical properties of the important Mn oxide minerals.
  • Mines and minerals : a treasure house of Latin American research topics
  • Latin America ; Mine ; Ore;Mineral ; Raw materials ; Research