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  • Poljarnyj krug. (Le cercle polaire)
  • Towards bridging the gap between wildlife conservation and rural development in post-apartheid South Africa : the case of the Maluleke community and the Kruger National Park
  • widely identified. The position of the Maluleke people adjacent to the Kruger National Park in South Africa is examined, together with the integrated planning of the region as a whole. The aspirations of the populace remain unfulfilled. - (AJC)
  • Landscape state change in the semi-arid Sabie River, Kruger National Park, in response to flood and drought
  • in the semi-arid, mixed bedrock / alluvial Sabie River in the Kruger National Park. Flow reductions and increased sediment supply may result in long-term changes. - (AJC)
  • Poljarnyj krug, 1989. Le cercle polaire, 1989
  • Poljarnyj krug 1988. Le cercle polaire 1988
  • Green militarization : anti-poaching efforts and the spatial contours of Kruger National Park
  • This article examines green militarization, rhino anti-poaching efforts and the spatial contours of Kruger National Park. It illustrates how the spatial qualities of protected areas matter immensely for the convergence of conservation
  • they articulate with particular assumptions and values; for Kruger these amount to political–ecological values regarding the nation-state, its sovereignty, and its natural heritage. The result is an intensifying interlocking of conservation and militarization
  • A geomorphological approach to the ecological management of rivers in the Kruger National Park : the case of the Sabie River
  • Projection de Gauss-Krüger. Carte topographique où est imprimé, en surcharge rouge, le réseau routier.