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  • Defining kinds of soil horizon
  • A New kind of sugar: tourism in the Pacific
  • What kind of space in what kind of social theory?
  • What kind of assessment for what kind of geography ? Advanced Placement human geography
  • What kind of quantitative methods for what kind of geography ?
  • Spring break at Padre Island : a new kind of tourism
  • Aesthetic encounters of the statistical kind
  • Feminist geographers recommend a kind of reflexivity that aims at a full understanding of the researcher, the researched and the research context. The article begins with the A.'s failure at that kind of reflexivity. It then goes on to explore
  • Fred B. Kniffen: a special kind of anthropologist
  • Navrh koncepce nekterych druhu analytickych map zivotniho prostredi. (Suggestion of the conception of some kinds of analytic maps of the environment)
  • The systems of public transport are compared in several kinds of regionalization for the new (13) and old (7) administrative centres. The new system of decentralization (13 centres) is more natural. It matches better to the other kinds
  • A preliminary study on combining two kinds of proxy data using the conditional quantile adjustment method
  • Based on two kinds of proxy data, a tree-ring width chronology at Huashan and the wetness/dryness grade series around Xi'an in north-central China, this present study demonstrates how different types of proxy climate records can be combined to give
  • Maps for a new kind of tourist : the first Guides Michelin France (1900–1913)
  • What kind of right is the right to the city ?
  • What kind of local and regional development and for whom ?
  • On the basis of exploratory soil surveys and joint field work by Dutch and Vietnamese soil scientists during February 1984 and September 1985, the different kinds of sulfidic materials in the western Mekong delta are described and their distribution
  • is presented in the form of a generalized map. Two main kinds of sulfidic materials have been recognized.
  • The Latin American inner city: differences of degree or of kind?
  • Poitou-Charentes, two of a kind ? A regional geographic analysis of a region as object, system and set
  • necessarily imply a particular image of the world which, in turn, valorizes positively or negatively certain topological structuration of that world. Eventually this kind of research could yield a kind of listing of psychological traits for islands based
  • Vertical distribution of several kinds of organisms attaching to notches along the coasts of Yoron, Okinawa, Miyako and Ishigaki islands, The Ryukyus