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  • Jordan.
  • The Agricultural development of Jordan
  • Economic growth and development in Jordan.
  • Early man in the Jordan Valley: the excavations at'Ubeidiya
  • Land use capability of saline desert soils in Southern Jordan
  • Morphotectonics indices of the Dead Sea transform, Jordan
  • Dead Sea ; Index ; Jordan ; Mountain ; Regional geology ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Valley
  • Two morphotectonic indices (i.e. mountain front sinuosity (Smf) and valley-floor width to heigh ratio (Vf) were measured along the eastern margin of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley. The subdivision was based on the continuity and trend
  • Characteristics of stone covers on the surface of basalt flows in arid, northeast Jordan
  • Arid area ; Basalt ; Factor analysis ; Grain size distribution ; Hydrology ; Jordan ; Lithology ; Patterned ground ; Slope gradient ; Weathering
  • Jordan.
  • Changing administrative regions in Jordan : regional development strategy or distraction?
  • Administrative division ; Development strategy ; Jordan ; Regional development ; Regional disparities ; Spatial organization ; Spatial structure ; Urban network
  • This article analyzes Jordan as an example of a regional readjustment procedure with high objectives. The efforts to create more efficient administrative regions has diverted attention from the need for decentralization and the development
  • Who gets formal housing finance in Jordan?
  • The determinants of the likelihood of recent home purchasers actually obtaining a loan form a formal finance institution in Jordan. A comparison between purchasers in rural and urban areas. - (SGA)
  • Spatial and temporal distribution of frost in Jordan
  • Agriculture ; Ground freezing ; Jordan ; Natural hazards ; Statistical analysis
  • Limestone weathering and rate variability, Great Temple of Amman, Jordan
  • Archaeology ; Biogenic process ; Carbonate rock ; Insolation ; Jordan ; Limestone ; Lithology ; Moisture ; Mollusca ; Semi-arid area ; Weathering
  • Sandstone weathering thresholds in Petra, Jordan
  • Arid area ; Insolation ; Jordan ; Lithology ; Sandstone ; Statistics ; Threshold ; Weathering
  • Specialised credit as a means of developing agriculture and the rural sector in Jordan
  • Agricultural credit ; Agricultural sector ; Farming;Agriculture ; Finance ; Financial institution ; Investment ; Jordan ; Rural development
  • Slope form and associations with ground boulder cover in arid environments, northeast Jordan
  • Arid area ; Grain size distribution ; Jordan ; Regression analysis ; Sediment transport ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Spatial variation
  • site is located in northeast Jordan, an arid landscape, characterised by a late Tertiary to early Quaternary basalt plateau, spreading across the foot-slopes of the Druz Mountains.
  • Morphotectonic indices of the Eastern Wadi Araba (Dead Sea Rift, Jordan)
  • Dead Sea ; Fault ; Index ; Jordan ; Rift ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Transforming fault
  • Two morphotectonic indices (mountain front sinuosity, valley width to height ratio) were measured along the eastern rim of Wadi Araba, which represents the southern segment of the Dead Sea transform in Jordan. The area can be divided into three
  • Fluvial adjustment of the Lower Jordan River to a drop in the Dead Sea level
  • Asia ; Channel geometry ; Dead Sea ; Downcutting ; Israel ; Jordan ; Longitudinal section ; Meander ; River bed ; Sea level ; Southwest Asia ; Stream
  • This paper examines the effects of base level lowering on the channel morphology of the southern end of the Lower Jordan River. The recent chronology and rate of channel changes through the lower reach of the river caused by the lowering of the base
  • Biofilms and case hardening on sandstones from Al-Quwayra, Jordan
  • Arid area ; Biogenic process ; Electron microscope ; Geochemistry ; Inselberg ; Jordan ; Micromorphology ; Rock ; Sandstone ; Taffoni
  • The aims of this paper are to contribute to the understanding of the origin and role of case hardening through an examination of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of case hardening from 4 inselberg sites near Wadi Rum, Jordan
  • Geology, geomorphology, hydrology, groundwater and physical resources of the desertified Badia environment in Jordan
  • Arid area ; Environmental management ; Geomorphology ; Groundwater ; Hydrology ; Jordan ; Soil ; Soil erosion ; Sustainable development ; Vegetation ; Water resources
  • This paper summarizes the information on the geomorpphology and physical resources component of the Jordan Badia Research and Development Programme. The research focuses on the issue of the environment in arids lands and aims to provide practical
  • options for sustainable development with special emphasis on the Safawi area in the Northern Jordan Badia: geomorphology including landform, processes and hazards, geology and physical resources, hydrology, surface water and water engineering, groundwater
  • Spatial and temporal analysis of climatological data in Jordan
  • Climate ; Climatic variability ; Interannual variability ; Jordan ; Rainfall regime ; Seasonal variation ; Spatial analysis
  • Climate variability in Jordan
  • Climate ; Climatic trend ; Climatic variability ; Jordan ; Precipitation ; Temperature ; Time series