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  • The effect of job access on Black and White youth employment : a cross-sectional analysis
  • The paper examines the effect of access to employment opportunities on the employment probabilities of black and white youth aged 16-19 years. The empirical results, based on data from the central cities of 43 SMSAs, suggest that the nearness
  • of jobs in an important determinant of teenager employment probability.
  • Association ; Community ; Cooperative ; Employment ; Enterprise creation ; Entrepreneurship;Spirit of enterprise ; Job creation ; Local economy ; Organization ; Urban economy ; Urban practice
  • The main focus of this paper is on community economic initiatives which seek to generate job opportunities and provide services within community-owned and controlled organisation.
  • The effect of poor local labour market opportunities on occupational achievement is an important aspect of the spatial mismatch hypothesis. The discouraged worker effect is defined as the decision to refrain from job search as a result of poor
  • chances on the labour market. The empirical findings, based on the Netherlands surveys (1994-97), show that discouragement can enter the job search process both at the stage of deciding to enter the labour force and at the stage of deciding to engage
  • actively in a job search.
  • Economic impact ; Job creation ; KwaZulu-Natal ; Rural community ; Rural planning ; South Africa ; Tourism ; Tourism policy
  • Many of the tourism policies and strategies in South Africa have been formulated with the intention of supporting communities by affording them opportunities for job creation, employment and poverty alleviation. Nevertheless, communication between
  • Backpacker tourism in South Africa : challenges and strategic opportunities
  • backpackers point to six key issues for strategic intervention : marketing, limites holidays jobs, lack of information, poor offerings, poor public transport and underdevelopment of domestic backpacking. - (AJC)
  • Spatial flexibility in job mobility : macrolevel opportunities and microlevel restrictions
  • A regionalization of Slovak territory is dealt on the basis of job opportunities in the background of 77 centres of a district significance. In its similarity are briefly characterized 3 macroregions and 16 interregions. - (MS)
  • Belgium ; Education ; Enquiry ; Flanders ; Geographical association ; Geography ; Job opportunity ; Labour ; Motivation ; Profession
  • California ; Division of labour ; Employment ; Immigrants ; Job opportunity ; Los Angeles ; Social network ; United States of America
  • , Hradec Kralové) with cultural and job opportunities according to respondents opinion.
  • Applied geography ; Geographer's role ; Italy ; Job opportunity ; Practice of geography ; Professional training
  • Data bases;Data banks ; Employment ; Geographer ; Higher education ; Job opportunity ; Occupation ; Professional qualifications ; Qualification level ; United Kingdom
  • Employment structure ; Higher education ; Job opportunity ; Professional structure ; Teaching of geography ; United States
  • Post-indstrialisation, job opportunities and ethnocentrism : a comparison of twenty-two Dutch urban economies
  • locations are more dispersed throughout the suburbs and exurbs. Compared to blacks, Latinos’ housing and job locations are somewhat more suburbanized, thanks to the availability of low-paying job opportunities in various suburban areas. Compared to whites
  • , Latinos and blacks tend to be more geographically constrained in both housing and job locations.
  • Geographer ; Geographer's role ; Germany ; Higher education ; Human sciences ; Job opportunity ; Practice of geography ; Students ; Teacher ; Teaching of geography
  • areas of the region. There is often a higher proportion of working women than elsewhere in the region. The motives for moving to new towns are given firstly as better and cheaper housing, then job opportunities, usually close to home, and finally, a more
  • Applied geography ; Environment ; Expertise ; France ; Geographer's role ; Geographic research ; Handbook ; Job opportunity ; Physical geography ; Professional training ; Teaching of geography ; Territorial planning ; World
  • of wealth, and the Free Trade Era has shown mixed results such as more job opportunities but greater concentrations of wealth. - (SLD)
  • Applied geography ; Electoral behaviour ; Farm ; France ; Job opportunity ; Nantes ; Pays de la Loire ; Practice of geography ; Rural geography ; University