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  • The Jews of Quebec: perceived antisemitism, segregation, and emigration
  • The distribution of Jews in the United Kingdom
  • Ethnic community ; Immigration ; International migration ; Israel ; Jews ; Settlement ; Spatial distribution ; USSR
  • Paper investigates the consequences of the exodus of Soviet Jews started at the end of 1988. The thousands of Jews having arrived to Israel since then have meant a great challenge for Israel, and affected the population structure, migration flows
  • Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; Ethnic group ; Jews ; Spatial concentration ; Territory ; United States
  • Jews in the USA have three main concentrations : the New York metropolitan area, South Florida and Los Angeles County. Florida has grown the fastest : there the Jewish population (695 000) between Miami and Palm Beach has received many migrants from
  • Ethnic stratification and foreign policy in Israel: the attitudes of oriental Jews towards the Arabs and the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Power disparities in the planning of a mixed region : Arabs and Jews in the Galilee, Israel
  • Arabs ; Ethnic group ; Galilee ; Israel ; Jews ; Land use ; Political geography ; Power ; Regional planning ; Village
  • Stubborn identities and the construction of socio-spatial boundaries : ultra-orthodox Jews living in contemporary Britain
  • Cultural studies ; England ; Identity ; Jews ; Living conditions ; Manchester ; Minority ; Segregation ; Spatial concentration ; United Kingdom ; Urban area ; Urban district
  • Canada ; Cultural identity ; Ethnicity ; Historical geography ; Housing ; Immigrants ; Inner city ; International migration ; Jews ; Ontario ; Real estate speculation ; Toronto ; Twentieth Century
  • numerous functions and it accentuated the geographical concentration of poorer Jews.
  • Arabs versus Jews in Galilee : competition for regional resources in Some geographical aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • This borough of New York City has long been an important center for immigrants to the USA. Its history has been one of ethnic succession, e.g. Germans and Irish were displaced by Scandinavians and Italians in the late nineteenth century. Jews
  • arrived between 1880-1920 and though still numerous there, have been followed by Blacks, Arabs and especially Puerto Ricans. In the 1970s, Russian Jews, several Antillean cultures, and Asians (Chinese and Korean) were well represented. Today Third world
  • Arabs ; Ethnic community ; Israel ; Jews ; Minority ; Neighbourhood ; Segregation ; Societal relations ; Urban structure
  • of the population in the Haifa metropolitan area. Israeli Arabs report a higher number of locally based instrumental social ties than Israeli Jews. Their residential segregation compress their social relationship to the local neighbourhood.
  • Historical geography ; Israel ; Jews ; National territory ; Nationalism ; Practice of geography ; Research ; Zionism
  • expanded following the development of a territorial national conflict with the Palestinian Arabs. They almost totally neglect Diaspora lifestyles and spatialities and ignore the impact of the geographical imagination of Diaspora Jews on the (re)construction
  • Cultural landscape ; Cultural studies ; Israel ; Jerusalem ; Jews ; Religion ; Religious practice ; Urban landscape
  • Colonialism ; Colonization ; Israel ; Jews ; Palestine ; Settlement
  • Community ; Jews ; Latvia ; Minority ; Riga
  • Social control, urban planning and ethno-class relations : Mizrahi Jews in Israel's development towns
  • Jews, Arabs, Russians and foreigners in an Israeli city : ethnic divisions and the restructuring economy of Tel Aviv, 1983-96
  • Residential patterns and processes : a study of Jews in three London boroughs
  • Were the Jewish immigrants to the United States representative of Russian Jews?
  • Russian Jews in the global city of Toronto : a pilot study of identity and social integration