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  • Industrial location in Japan since 1945 in Human environment in Japan.
  • Centrality and urban life in Japan in Human environment in Japan.
  • Irrigation systems in Japan
  • This paper portrays the distribution pattern of irrigation systems in Japan and then analyses the elements of natural environment and the irrigation development process. - (SGA)
  • Industrialisation and wages in Japan. Third impression
  • The course of development of tourism and recreation in Japan
  • Distribution of major recreational regions in Japan
  • Cartography in Japan. Past and present.
  • Economic concentration and monopoly in Japan
  • Japanese industrialization and its social consequences
  • Changing patterns of tourism in Japan
  • Natural regions of Japan
  • The surveillance and prediction of volcanic acivities in Japan
  • Late Cenozoic palaeogeography of Japan
  • Regional division of winter weather and local winds in Japan
  • In order to represent the weather distribution of Japan related to the winter monsoon, the modified method of Jacob's synoptic climatology was adopted. Airflow patterns were decided for each of five regions in Japan. - (SGA)
  • Geographische Aspekte des Algenbaus in Japan. in Japan-Heft. (Aspects géographiques de l'algaculture au Japon)
  • The climatic regions of Japan in Japan-Heft.
  • The grass-roots modernization in a Japanese village in Human environment in Japan.
  • The population trend and the population problems in recent Japan in Human environment in Japan.
  • Japan und Deutschland.. (Japan and Germany)
  • Proceedings of two symposia with 28 papers on cultural and economic relations between the two countries. First part: the Japanese image of Germany-the German image of Japan (in press and television, in politics, in cultural manifestations, etc
  • .). Second part: Japan-mystery of exemplary model? Papers on political patterns, economic organization and behaviour, educational and cultural aspects. (EG).
  • Locational dynamics and spatial structures in the Japanese manufacturing industries : a review on the Japanese industrial restructuring process of leading sectors
  • This paper compares some of the methodological and empirical studies in western countries and Japan, especially those which examine locational dynamics and spatial structures of leading industries in the recent restructuring process. - (SGA)