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  • Industrial location in Japan since 1945 in Human environment in Japan.
  • Centrality and urban life in Japan in Human environment in Japan.
  • On the hierarchy of cities in Japan
  • Central places ; Japan ; Urban hierarchy
  • The A. aims to oppose the application of the central place theory in Japan. He demonstrates that the preceding studies on the hierarchy of cities from the standpoint of central place theory in Japan were not exact. - (AK)
  • The location of producer services and the hierarchy of cities in Japan : a case study of the Tohoku region
  • Honshu ; Japan ; Location ; Service ; Urban development ; Urban structure
  • This paper aims to examine the location of producer services to understand the differences in growth among the Japanese cities. The A. analysed this point in Tohoku Region in Japan. - (KA)
  • Urban geography in postwar Japan
  • History of geography ; Japan ; Urban geography ; Urban structure ; Urban system
  • This paper aims to indicate the history of urban geography in postwar Japan. The author summarized it for 4 stages and indicated the results and the problems of urban geography in postwar Japan. - (KA)
  • Irrigation systems in Japan
  • This paper portrays the distribution pattern of irrigation systems in Japan and then analyses the elements of natural environment and the irrigation development process. - (SGA)
  • Recent trends in studies on the history of geographical thought in Japan. Mainly on the history of Japanese geography thought
  • A review of the contributions of Japanese geographers in a broad sense, including traditional Chinese and Japanese thought, a so-called modern geography prior to an academic geography, and academic geography itself. - (SGA)
  • Recent trends in studies on the history of geographical thought in Japan - mainly on the history of Japanese geographical thought
  • The problems of the articulation of traditional or indigenous Japanese geographical thought with modern academic geography. The roles played by the authors of geographical writings in the early Meiji period. The significance of the pioneers
  • and outsiders of modern geography and the characteristics of various schools of academic geography in Japan. - (SGA)
  • Some traditions and methodologies of Japanese historical geography
  • Historical geography ; Japan ; Methodology ; Research technique
  • The paper provides a selective review of progress in Japanese historical geography over the last 50 years. It focuses on studies of the geography of Japan from the prehistoric period until the beginning of the modern period in 1868. Traditional
  • and new approaches to the historical geography of Japan are identified as are the links between historical geography and other disciplines.
  • Industrialisation and wages in Japan. Third impression
  • Geography in Japan
  • The course of development of tourism and recreation in Japan
  • Distribution of major recreational regions in Japan
  • Cartography in Japan. Past and present.
  • Economic concentration and monopoly in Japan
  • Japanese industrialization and its social consequences
  • Changing patterns of tourism in Japan
  • Historical geography in Japan
  • Natural regions of Japan
  • The surveillance and prediction of volcanic acivities in Japan