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  • The foreign exchange regime and growth : a comparison of Ghana and the Ivory Coast
  • A comparison of the economic growth of Ghana and the Ivory Coast, and an examination of the reason for Ghana's decline. If as suggested it results from domestic policies opposed to externally orientated growth, the Ivory Coast may avoid a similar
  • Ivory Coast| political stability and economic growth. Part. 2
  • The benefits of the CAP for developing countries: a case study of the Ivory Coast
  • Comparative cultural geography : empirical evidence on processes of integration in rural Bolivia, Ivory Coast and Indonesia.
  • Agricultural colonization ; Bolivia ; Comparative study ; Forest ; Indonesia ; Ivory Coast ; Migration ; Pioneer fringe ; Rural population ; Social integration ; Social organization
  • Biologically induced accumulations of CaCO3 in orthox soils of Biga, Ivory Coast
  • Biogenic process ; Carbonate ; Ivory Coast ; Microstructure ; Mineralogy ; Soil ; Spatial distribution ; Tree ; Tropical zone
  • Migrations as revolt: the example of the Ivory Coast and the Upper Volta before 1945
  • Rural inequality and Government policy: a case study of the River Basin of the Bou in Northern Ivory Coast
  • This study deals with agricultural changes and consequent effects on the social organization of the Senoufo in the river basin of the Bou (Northern Ivory Coast). The introduction of cash crops and the development of a money economy since
  • The political ecology of peasant-herder conflicts in the northern Ivory Coast
  • Coffee and the Ivory Coast. An econometric study.
  • Tree management as part of two farming systems in the wet forest zone (Ivory Coast)
  • Politics, the state and agrarian development : a comparative study of Nigeria and the Ivory Coast
  • Climate ; Climatic event ; Ivory Coast ; Rural population ; Rural settlement ; Subsistence agriculture ; Water budget
  • In Ivory Coast, density of rural population is not homogeneous. Variations do not depends of sociological reasons but the research of lower climatologic risks is the main explication. We show a method based on water balance to find the conditions
  • Changes in soil quality after subsequent establishment of Chromolaena odorata fallows in humid savannahs, Ivory Coast
  • Biodiversity ; Humid savannah ; Infiltration ; Ivory Coast ; Plant colonization ; Savanna ; Soil ; Soil properties ; Sustainable development
  • This study was designed to assess changes in soil physical, chemical and biological properties after the establishment of C. odorata fallows in humid savannahs of Ivory Coast. Sampling sites were selected such that a portion of C. odorata fallow
  • Relations entre niche trophique et habitat chez un peuplement de grillons, en mosaïque forêt-savane (Lamto, Côte-d'Ivoire). (Relationships between trophic niche and habitat for crikets populations, in forest and savanna (Lamto, Ivory Coast)
  • Le profil d'altération pédo-géologique sur granodiorites en Côte d'Ivoire centrale= The pedo-geological weathering profile on granodiorites in the central Ivory Coast
  • Abidjan ; City;Town ; Food ; Health ; Ivory Coast ; Research in progress ; Urban history ; Urban society
  • Classification ; Forest ; Ivory Coast ; Phytogeography ; Remote sensing ; Tropical zone ; Vegetation
  • The study of peat and Vermitadae shows obviously that the Ivory Coast littoral has been immersed by a gentle eustatic movement between 5000 and 2000B. P., and slightly up heaved by an epeirogenic one about 4000 and 1500B. P.