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  • On Italian agrarian policy
  • ESDP application in Italian spatial policies
  • The text illustrates how European Spatial Planning, through the application (but not only due to it) of the European Spatial Development Perspective, has affected Italian urban and territorial policies. The research method has been based
  • on the analysis of spatial planning policy documents and focused on the innovation of the Italian Spatial Planning system. Explicit application of the ESDP in the Italian context appears to be rather scarce. Nevertheless, important changes occured in Italian
  • context appears to be rather scarce. Nevertheless, important changes occured in Italian planning practices in the last decade are stricly connected to the role of the European Union as an emerging actor for what concern territorial and urban matters. - (BJ)
  • Variations of italian glaciers between 1980 and 1999 inferred by the data supplied by the Italian Glaciological Committee
  • The study synthesises the analysis of those data relevant to the variation registred in the Italian glaciers during glaciological surveys carried out by the Italian Glaciological Committee between 1980 and 1999. The last twenty years of the 20th
  • Disponibilità e fabbisogno di abitazioni nelle regioni italiane
  • Italian Contributions to the XXIII International geographical Congress
  • Il Reddito prodotto nelle province italiane nel 1974
  • The South-Italian city - a cultural - genetic type of city in Mediterranean regions.
  • The end of peasantry in the Mediterranean world. With special reference to the Italian case
  • Az olasz gazdasagi fejlodés a települések tükrében. (The Italian economic development reflected in the settlements)
  • The Italian report sent to the world conference Habitat held in Vancouver/1976/outlines with success one possible ideal type of the ecological and settlement consequences of rapid economic growth. (CK).
  • Directions in italian geography : the geography of challenge and change
  • Association of Italian Geographers, Italie
  • California ; Ethnic community ; Italians ; Rural landscape ; United States of America ; Vine ; Viticulture
  • Study of the northern Italian influence on wine making in northern California and of the recent creation of a Cal-Ital winescapes. Focus is on several wineries in the Sonoma Valley that use various symbols (family patriarch, family solidarity
  • , Italian varietals, etc..) to commemorate their Italian heritage. the Cal-Ital landscape dates to the early 1980s when wineries had to find a niche to survive in an increasingly competitive market. - (SLD)
  • Italian renaissance and Japanese zen gardens: an approach for introducing cultural landscapes
  • Annotated bibliography of Italian Quaternary shorelines (1970-1984)
  • Italian research on physical geography and geomorphology : an overview.
  • Villa und Villegiatura in der Toskana. Eine italienische Institution und ihre gesellschaftsgeographische Bedeutung Villa and villegiatura in Tuscany. An Italian institution and its socio-geographical significance
  • La Padania: confronto con le altre macroregioni italiane
  • The present status of Italian urban geography : historical context and recent trends
  • Italian urban geography : counterurbanization versus peripheral development
  • Migration in a rural Italian community, 1890-1966