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  • Les littoraux à Zanzibar : des espaces investis et subvertis par le tourisme
  • Attendance ; Coastal environment ; Customers ; Economic development ; Hotel trade ; Island ; Seaside tourism ; Tanzania ; Tourism ; Tourism area ; Tourist facilities ; Touristic planning ; Unguja ; Zanzibar
  • Air transport ; Caribbean ; Conflict ; Economic impact ; Economic integration ; Economy ; Island ; Lodging ; Market ; Political geography ; Reception capacity ; Regional economy ; Sea transport ; Tourism ; Tourism potential ; Tourist flow ; West
  • Les AA; se demandent s'il y a un avenir pour le tourisme européen dans la zone caraïbe, s'il est raisonnable d'y voyager, d'y investir, s'il y a encore des zones ou des secteurs à mettre en valeur. Ils proposent une méthode d'évaluation des risques
  • Becoming tourist : renegociating the visual in the tourist experience
  • The paper seeks to renegociate the role of visuals and visual practice within the tourist experience. The A. explores the ways in which visuals (photography) enliven tourists' becoming through a multiplicity of fluid and dynamic performances
  • , practices and processes. The emerging dynamics of visual practice renegociate new understandings between tourists and place to establish a series of conceptual moments.
  • Effects of market fluctuations on the Sri Lankian tourist industry: resilience and change, 1981-1991
  • Attendance ; Development strategy ; Economic impact ; International tourism ; Regional disparities ; Sri Lanka ; Tourism ; Tourist flow
  • An investigation of market fluctuation within the Sri Lankan tourist industry over the last decade, in particular that of the rapid reduction in tourist arrivals during the period of political instability between 1982 and 1989, and the impressive
  • recovery of the tourist market since 1989, is examined. The progress of Sri Lanka's tourist experience over time is assessed in the light of Butler's evolutionary model of tourist development.
  • Tourist trade in Orissa
  • Place representation in tourist guideboods : an example from Singapore
  • Attraction ; City;Town ; Cognitive space ; Perception ; Singapore ; Tourism ; Tourist guide ; Touristic behaviour ; Urban area
  • Perception of tourists and tour guides in Singapore
  • Perception ; Perception of the urban environment ; Singapore ; Tourism ; Tourist guide
  • A survey of English-speaking tour guides in Singapore revealed that they place high value on the modern city and on certain selected sights. Tourists, however, see things differently. Out of this example, the A. develops the idea of « insideness
  • English speaking tourists and the attractions of Singapore
  • Comportement ; Divertissement ; Géographie de l'Asie ; Loisir ; Satisfaction ; Singapour ; Touriste anglophone ; Ville
  • Estimation par les touristes anglophones des types d'attractions offerts à Singapour. - (OC).
  • An evaluation of the tourist potential of the climate in Catalonia (Spain) : a regional study
  • This study of the spatial and temporal variations of the climate-tourist potential in Catalonia is based on the classification of daily weather situations according to the main combinations of climatic variables in the study area, and is adjusted
  • to reflect bioclimatic criteria and tourist perceptions. The results reveal major differences in the climate-tourist aptitudes of the region and, in general, a high tourist potential. However, the tourist aptitudes of the Catalan climates are not fully
  • Tourism ; Tourist flow
  • Classic tourism, ecotourism and community tourism may be the three stages in tourism development. Community tourism tells us how we can do to get sustainable tourism development. The A. analyses the mechanism of formation of tourist resources
  • , and he investigates classification, stability, and evolution of tourist commmunities. The four types of communities : natural resource based, policy oriented, economy based and history sediment tourist communities, have different stabilities. The feedback
  • mechanism and relationship among tourist flows is described.
  • Efforts for regional development assistance in Czech tourism - Czech Tourist Authority projects
  • Deconcentration and decentralization of the tourist activity development in Czechia is very important. Main resources helping with regional tourist development are given. Discussion is devoted to a critical approach to the present system
  • of marketing tourist regions from geographic point of view. Further opportunities for tourism development on regional and central levels are outlined. - (MS)
  • International tourism ; Namibia ; Regional disparities ; Rural tourism ; Tourism ; Tourist facilities ; Tourist flow ; Tourist region ; Touristic behaviour
  • En 1991, la Namibie a accueilli 213 000 touristes et, en 1995, 310 000. C'est pourquoi il y a de polus en plus de débats pour savoir comment orienter les touristes vers des lieux moins fréquentés. La demande des touristes en ce qui concerne les
  • villes par les touristes individuels et les groupes. - (D. Rouvière).
  • Tourist development in Spain : growth versus conservation on the Costa Brava
  • Tourism and tourist industry in Uttar Pradesh
  • Tourist development and physical planning: the concept of capacity
  • Disturbance behaviour of chamois in an Alpine tourist area of Austria
  • Tourist travel in the Tatra Mountains
  • China ; Custom ; International tourism ; Regional disparities ; Tourism ; Tourist site ; Touristic behaviour
  • Recent tourist trends in China with analysis of the sources (Japan and the USA are the two major markets) and centers (Guangshou, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai received more than 500 000 tourists in 1989), a notable decrease from 1988 before
  • Sacred space and touristic development at Jebel Musa (Mt. Sinai), Egypt
  • Conflict ; Economic impact ; Egypt ; Religion ; Sinai ; Tourism ; Tourist site
  • Since 1967 tourism has overwhelmed the Monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai peninsula. The sacredness of the place and its monastic life have been compromised by hordes of secular tourists. The Egyptian government views this site as having large
  • Ch onnosc na tle sezonowych zmian srodowiska przyrodniczego Capacity of absorbing tourists in terms of seasonal changes in the natural environment
  • The degradation of the environment depends upon the scale of tourism, and its intensity is affected by the seasonal variableness in tourist arrivals. In order to prevent it, indispensable is a suitable control of the tourist frequency by means