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  • Hydrology ; Inundation ; Microrelief ; Model ; Overland flow ; Roughness ; Runoff ; Watershed
  • The aim of this paper is to pose a broad model for the hydraulics of overland flow by assessing the dependence of the friction factor on an inundation ratio at 3 stages of progressive flow inundation. The development of the model is prefaced
  • resistance as a function of an estimated inundation ratio for each flow, and the results are compared with the trends predicted by the model.
  • Inundation mapping of the Sahibi river flood of 1977 in Indian national natural resources management system.
  • Modeling floodplain inundation using an integrated GIS with radar and optical remote sensing
  • Ecology ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Geographical information system ; Humid environment ; Inundation ; LANDSAT ; Model ; North Carolina ; Remote sensing ; Statistics ; Thematic Mapper ; United States of America ; Vegetation ; Vegetation dynamics
  • potential wetness and potential flood inundation were generated from the digital elevation model using both raster (grid) and vector (network) analyses. Ultimately, the analyses allow the development of an optimal hydroperiod regime model using DEM-based
  • predictive variables and actual inundation data derived from SAR imagery.
  • Geomorphological analysis and genetic relief classification of the inundation area of the Krkavec dam
  • Detailed geomorphological analysis of the relief forms in the presumed inundation area of the Krkavec dam on the Nežárka river in South Bohemia. Geological and tectonic characteristics, fluvial, eolian, gravitational, organogenic and antropogenic
  • A preliminary investigation into the impact of initial conditions on flood inundation predictions using a time/space distributed sensitivity analysis
  • Devon ; England ; Flood ; Floodplain ; Forecast ; Inundation ; Meander ; Model ; Numerical analysis ; Stream ; Topography ; United Kingdom
  • A new high space/time resolution distributed sensitivity analysis is presented and used to examine the impact of simple variations in initial conditions on inundation predictions derived from a two dimensional finite element model of river channel
  • Floodplain inundation: processes and relationships with channel discharge
  • Comunidades vegetales y medio ecologico de la planicie inundable del norte santafesino
  • A case study on the residents response to the flood hazards and flood control measures in the inundated areas of Sapporo City
  • Evaluation of the use of paleotsunami deposits to reconstruct inundation distance and runup heights associated with prehistoric inundation events, Crescent City, southern Cascadia margin
  • C 14 dating ; California ; Coastal environment ; Inundation ; Natural hazards ; Prehistory ; Risk management ; Tsunami ; United States of America
  • Flood ; Inundation ; Model ; Natural hazards ; Poland ; Stream ; Thematic mapping ; Warsaw ; Wisła
  • of inundation, as well as the velocities and direction of the water flow. These parameters, when combined with the information on the height of buildings and their value, can give an approximation of flood costs in various different scenarios. The spatial
  • distribution of the time that elapses from the dike breach and the moment at which a given point is inundated can be transformed into a cartographic representation, and as a propogation map can be used for defining the risk in the flood zone.
  • Inundation and erosion susceptibility in wave dominated beaches
  • Beach ; Beach profile ; Coastal environment ; Hydrodynamics ; Inundation ; Marine erosion ; Ocean wave ; Portugal ; Risk ; Tide
  • Geomorphological zoning for flood inundation using satellite data
  • Classification ; Delta ; Flood ; Inundation ; LANDSAT ; Landscape unit ; Natural hazards ; Principal components analysis ; Remote sensing ; Thailand ; Thematic Mapper ; Thematic mapping
  • Roughness coefficients and velocity estimation in well-inundated sheet and rilled overland flow without strongly eroding bed forms
  • and resulting erosional bed forms. Resistance equations are first assessed as to their ability to describe flow velocity. A new methodology is illustrated which gives good agreement between estimated and measured flow velocity for both well-inundated sheet
  • Cambridgeshire ; Climatic change ; England ; Flood ; Forecast ; Inundation ; Natural hazards ; Sediment budget ; Simulation ; Stream ; Temperate zone ; United Kingdom
  • This paper uses numerical simulation of flood inundation based on a coupled one-dimensional-two-dimensional treatment to explore the impacts upon flood extent of both long-term climate changes, predicted to the 2050s and 2080s, and short-term river
  • channel changes in response to sediment delivery, for a temperate upland gravel-bed river. Results show that 16 months of measured in-channel sedimentation in an upland gravel-bed river cause about half of the increase in inundation extent
  • Coastal environment ; Coastal management ; England ; Intertidal zone ; Inundation ; Isotope dating ; Salt marsh ; Sea level ; Sedimentation rate ; Storm ; Stratigraphy ; United Kingdom
  • and radiometric dating (Pb 210 and Cs 137 dating), together with diatom analyses, to identify the pre-inundation surface and determine patterns of post-inundation sedimentation. This work is important to validate salt marsh accretion models used for predicting
  • Floodplain ; Hungary ; Hydrology ; Inundation ; Natural hazards ; Underground water
  • In the study areas of the Kapos floodplain (SW Hungary) topographic, remote sensing and soil distribution surveys were jointly applied to assess the true extent of frequent inundation hazard. - (AM)
  • Cartographic display ; Classification ; Hungary ; Hydrology ; Image analysis ; Inundation ; Natural hazards ; Remote sensing ; Satellite imagery
  • This research project medium-scale excess water inundation mapping was supported principally by hand-held or mounted multispectral (the bands of visible and infrared light) digital aerial photography. - (AM)
  • Asia ; Catastrophe ; Classification ; Earthquake ; Indonesia ; Inundation ; Natural hazards ; Philippines ; South-Eastern Asia ; Taiwan ; Tsunami
  • Tsunami magnitudes on the Imamura-Lida scale are investigated by the author's method (Hatori 1979, 1986) using the data of inundation heights near the source area and tide-gauge records observed in Japan. The regional characteristic of tsunami
  • Devon ; England ; Floodplain ; Fluvial processes ; Forecast ; Inundation ; Model ; United Kingdom
  • dynamic inundation zones. In particular, this paper demonstrates that reasonable predictions may be obtained on the basis of extremely sparse data sets, such as topographic maps and available flow monitoring records.
  • A two-dimensional horizontal finite element numerical model (RMA-2) is applied to a 24 km river channel-floodplain reach in West Germany. Initial results indicate that finite element schemes may successfully estimate inundation in large-scale
  • floodplain applications. Potentially, the resulting detailed velocity vector distributions and identification of inundation zones throughout storm events could provide an insight into the present day sedimentary environment on the floodplain.