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  • Aide financière ; Capital social ; Communauté rurale ; Développement local ; Développement rural ; Impact économique ; Innovation ; Participation ; Pologne ; Village ; Zachodnio-Pomorskie
  • Economic impact ; Financial aid ; Innovation ; Local development ; Participation ; Poland ; Rural community ; Rural development ; Social capital ; Village ; West Pomerania
  • Ayuda financiera ; Capital social ; Comunidad rural ; Desarrollo local ; Desarrollo rural ; Impacto económico ; Innovación ; Participación ; Polonia ; Pueblo
  • and social capital is thus the foundation of rural development. Activities that integrate and stimulate the initiative of rural communities are shown, based on the example of theme villages. There is a problem how to increase local community participation
  • The article deals with the spatial delimitation of non-urban poviats in Poland by their distance from the state capital, their voivodeship capital, and a state border. Those criteria provided a basis for the classification of peripheral areas
  • plants. It was found that the most significant determinant of peripherality was the distance of the given poviat from its voivodeship capital. This shows the great importance of regional policy. – (BJ)
  • Voivodship,. Unfavorable demographic situation of these communities and their low socio-economic level of development cause that they are much less attractive in terms of raising the capital and attracting new investments. Consequently, this state of affairs