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  • Organizational expansion and limits in international services for refugees
  • Van handelingsverband naar organisate, de verschuiving van een kernconcept Organizational approaches. Critical shifts in a central concept
  • organizations like local governments, are based on internal goals and means, the boundaries of their territories and the external effects of the behaviour.
  • Géographie humaine ; Tiers-Monde ; Tourisme ; Tourisme international
  • for their balance of payment. The organizational ability, efficiency, imagination and creativity of travel agencies do the rest of the job! (l'A.).
  • The protection of nature in the USSR: scientific and organizational principles
  • New insights into the internationalization of producer services : organizational strategies and spatial economies for global headhunting firms
  • Decision making process ; Enterprise ; Expertise ; Internationalization ; Organization ; Producer services ; Service ; Spatial economy ; World market
  • Keeping the high-tech region open and dynamic : the organizational networks of Taiwan's integrated circuit industry
  • The paper aims to bridge the literatures of industrial districts and organizational networks by studying the development of organizational relationships in Taiwan's integrated circuit industry. Firms are highly concentrated in the Hsinchu Science
  • -based Industrial Park. Along with the creation and maintenance of global competitiveness in this industry, the means of developing organizational relationships and geographical linkages are examined in this paper.
  • contacts between people belonging to different organizational complexes were almost excluded. The phenomenon « verzuiling » is reviewed in an international context. - (AGD)
  • This study is analysing self-help institutions in developing countries as primary groups focussing on their external/economic and internal/organizational autonomy. Preconditions for successful interaction of self-help and external assistance by self
  • Locational and organizational determinants of R and D employment in high technology firms
  • Les AA. présentent un modèle causal qui établit les relations entre l'organisation interne de ces entreprises, leur localisation, leur environnement économique, et le taux d'emplois consacrés à la recherche-développement. Contrairement à certaines
  • The changing organizational structure of regional economies and the role of transnational corporations: some research issues in Geographical agenda for a changing world.
  • Comptabilité régionale ; Division internationale du travail ; Dépendance ; Economie régionale ; Emploi régional ; Entreprise multinationale ; Firme ; Géographie humaine ; Industrie ; Localisation industrielle ; Ordre économique international
  • Competitiveness ; Economic geography ; Europe ; Firm strategy ; Industrial organization ; Industry ; Internationalization ; Marketing ; Supply
  • This study refers to the contribution of postponed manufacturing to the way industrial companies organize international supply chains in Europe. It concludes that postponed manufacturing can contribute to the competitiveness of industrial companies
  • based on the formation of multiple strategic capabilities. This is however, under the influence of the organizational heritage of the company, the operating context of the supply chain and requires a geographical reconfiguration of the supply chain
  • European Union ; Euroregion ; Germany ; International cooperation ; Regional planning
  • The programmes to support transnational co-operation (INTERREG IIC / IIIB) have considerably contributed to European integration. Germany participates in five of a total of 13 international cooperation areas. The paper gives an overview
  • to these areas and their characteristics, it reveals differences in spite of similar organizational structures which influence transnational cooperation, and gives the focus in project decisions and project implementation. - (IFL)
  • Organizational decline, extended work life and implications for faculty planning
  • Organizational interests and inter-organisational behaviour in town planning
  • The need for a less occidental approach to understanding organizational-geographical change is increasingly accepted. The AA. use the Japanese general trading company as an example. They show how their city-based, international networks evolved over
  • Location relative to S.E. Asia, rich heat and moisture resources, and sound organizational framework of human resources are the bases for comprehensive agricultural development. The growth of production in the past thirty years is reviewed
  • and suggestions put forward for developing specialised tropical crops, regeneration of forest resources, and a rapid growth of animal husbandry. Pre-requisites to development include solving the difficulties with energy supplies, internal and external transport
  • The international conditions of the Ukrainian-Polish cross-border cooperation
  • International relations ; Poland ; Political geography ; Regional development ; Regional economy ; Trans-border area ; Trans-border cooperation ; Ukraine
  • and local levels. The current state of the Ukrainian-Polish cross-border cooperation shows that both in Poland and Ukraine there is a need for assuming the complex political, economical, technical, organizational and ecological measures, which have
  • Practising the diffusion of organizational routines
  • , in relation to a knowing in practice perspective. Within a relational approach, the authors propose taking a practice-based perspective to the diffusion of organizational routines, with (i) knowing, (ii) collaborations, and (iii) policy relevance being
  • Organizational and spatial determinants of the multi-unit firm : evidence from French industry
  • caractéristiques internes (les économies d’échelle, la recherche-développement et le niveau de qualification) dans le choix des dirigeants d’opter pour cette structure. Ils concluent par le rôle de la multi-localisation et l’impact du profil spatial des entreprises
  • In pursuit of deconcentration : the evolution of the Dutch urban system from an organizational perspective