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  • , inferential, and spatial statistics were generated to assess spatial variability and co-variability of NDVI and vegetation types at landscape scales throughout the Kuparuk River watershed of the North Slope of Alaska.
  • area dominated by slope processes in southwest Yukon Territory, is performed with a combined set of geomorphometric and spectral variables in a linear discriminant analysis. An automated method was developed to find the boundaries of geomorphological
  • of environmental state variables to regional estimates of water and energy exchange. This research characterizes the unifying thread in the classical climate-topography-soil-vegetation relation, the surface water and energy balance, through maps of the partitioning
  • predictive variables and actual inundation data derived from SAR imagery.
  • environments. Satellite image processing, change-detection analysis, digital elevation models, GIS-derived geomorphic indices and variables, composition and pattern metrics of landscape organization, and scale-dependent analyses are described and related