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  • Alaska ; Climatic variation ; Cold area ; Glacier ; Glacier fluctuation ; Glacier mass balance ; Ground survey ; Interannual variability ; Research programme ; Seasonal variability ; Time series ; United States of America
  • Glacier ; Glacier fluctuation ; Glacier mass balance ; Interannual variability ; Methodology ; Mountain ; Norway ; Topographic map ; Twentieth Century
  • Effect of uncertainties in measured variables on the calculated mass balance of Storglaciären
  • Worldwide glacier mass changes are considered to represent natural key variables within global climate-related monitoring programmes, especially with respect to strategies concerning early detection of enhanced greenhouse effects on climate
  • Accumulation rate measurements on the East Antarctic plateau are challenging due to both spatial and temporal variability. The AA. present a suite of accumulation rate measurements collected over several seasons at Taylor Dome. They compare net
  • . This is done to obtain a better understanding of spatial and temporal variability in winter accumulation, summer melting, and the resulting annual glacier mass balances for the last several decades characterized by a climatic warming trend.