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  • Atmospheric circulation ; Climate ; Climatic variability ; Exceptional event ; Poland ; Precipitation ; Time series ; Twentieth Century ; Wind
  • This article presents the variability to selected extreme climatic phenomena in Poland in the second half of the 20th century. The main attention is paid to the search for exceptional values for indicators or trends that might be regarded as effects
  • of global warming. Among the circulation indicators considered are the variability to the influx of Arctic and tropical air masses in the period 1951-1999, as well as the numbers of days with fronts.
  • Variability to the frequency of occurrence of masses of maritime air over northern and central Poland in the 18th to 20th centuries
  • Air temperature ; Atmospheric circulation ; Climatic variability ; Climatic variation ; Eighteenth Century ; Nineteenth Century ; Oceanicity ; Poland ; Twentieth Century
  • (1702-1778) and Warsaw (1779-1998). Changes in the frequency of occurrence of these air masses in the course of the year have been treated as a rough measure of variability to the atmospheric circulation over the area in question (advections from
  • Variability in the cloud cover of the Karkonosze Mountains over the last century
  • Atmospheric circulation ; Climatic variability ; Cloud ; Fog ; Mountain ; Poland ; Sudety ; Time series ; Twentieth Century
  • 20th-century variability to daily maxima and minima of air temperature in the Sudetic Mountains
  • Atmosphere ; Climatic cycle ; Climatic variability ; Drought ; Groundwater ; Poland ; Regression analysis ; Statistics ; Twentieth Century
  • Air temperature ; Atmospheric pressure ; Climate ; Climatic trend ; Climatic warming ; Continentality ; Nineteenth Century ; Poland ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variability ; Time series ; Twentieth Century