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  • Interannual variability and annual cycle: mechanisms of circulation and climate in the tropical Atlantic sector
  • General circulation mechanisms instrumental in both annual cycle and interannual variability of rainfall are studied with reference to key regions of the tropical Americas and Africa. For most of these regions, rainfall anomalies tend
  • to be associated with departures in the large-scale atmospheric and oceanic fields that correspond to the pattern changes in the annual alternation of dry and rainy seasons. The interannual variability of circulation and climate thus appears in large part
  • Observational study of the interannual variability in certain features of the general circulation
  • Daily air temperature variability associated with climatic variability at Colombus, Ohio
  • The purpose is to determine how the frequency of daily extremes of temperature are related to the seasonal mean temperature, its interannual variability and longer term variations among decades. The warmest winters and summers at Columbus occur
  • Causes of interannual variability in the sea-ice cover of the eastern Bering Sea
  • Interannual variability in air temperatures, ice cover, and surface winds in the Bering Sea generally are in phase with each other, whereas sea-surface temperatures (SST) tend to lag these variables by 1-3 months. These Bering Sea time-series
  • Interannual variability of southern hemisphere circulation
  • Seasonal mean temperatures in Europe and their interannual variability
  • The relationship between Tibet-tropical ocean thermal contrast and interannual variability of Indian monsoon rainfall
  • Interannual variability of surface fields over the Indian Ocean during recent decades
  • The relationship between interannual variability in the 200 mb tropical wind field and the Southern Oscillation
  • The interannual variability of the ocean-atmosphere system as a consequence of feedback mechanisms in Evolution des atmosphères planétaires et climatologie de la terre=Evolution of planetary atmospheres and climatology of the earth.
  • Of the terms entering into the heat budget equation for an oceanic volume, the role of variable oceanic advective transport and of variable heat loss to the atmosphere is investigated. Changes in the water transport of the Kuroshio, possibly tied
  • Extreme maxima exhibit a zonal pattern, modified somewhat by terrain features in the west. Extreme minima are more dramatically skewed from a zonal orientation, because of the effects of elevation and proximity to oceans. Interannual variability
  • , spanning a period of marked interannual variability of the atmospheric circulation and sea ice (1977-83) are analyzed using sets of DMSP (Defense Meteorological Satellite Program) imagery.
  • A study of climate and fisheries: interannual variability of the Northeast Pacific Ocean and its influence on homing migration routes of sockeye salmon
  • Loess distribution by variable winds
  • Significance of spatial variability in Analysis of marine ecosystems.
  • A study of mesoscale runoff variability
  • The variability of runoff registered during the campaign field studies indicates the range of uncertainty, due to the application of only the permanent, macroscale hydrological network. This is especially significant when runoff information
  • Les zones de sources à surface variable et la question de leur localisation
  • Concept ; Débit de pointe ; Ecoulement ; Géographie physique ; Hydrogramme de crue ; Hydrologie ; Modèle ; Ruissellement ; Source ; Source à surface variable ; Topographie ; Zone tempérée
  • L'origine du gonflement de l'hydrogramme de crue est analysée à l'aide de travaux portant sur le concept de source à surface variable. Le rôle de la géomorphologie dans la distribution et l'extension des zones de source à surface variable est
  • Relationship of selected biophysical variables to soil moisture and soil temperature variability
  • Présentation des résultats obtenus sur des échantillons de 12 sites situés le long d'un transect est-ouest de 200 km dans l'Oklahoma central et prélevés entre le 7 mai et le 13 août 1985. Dans les modèles de régression, les variables météorologiques
  • sont moins importantes que les caractéristiques des sites pour les profondeurs 15, 61 et 91 cm. Mise en évidence de l'importance des variables telles que la profondeur d'enracinnement et la texture du sol.
  • Some preliminary latent variable models of stream sediment and discharge characteristics in Geomorphological models. Theoretical and empirical aspects.
  • The primary purpose of this paper is to illustrate a methodology which can evaluate hypotheses about relations between latent variables and measurable indicators. This methodology is exemplified by an analysis of water and sediment discharge
  • Channel sediment variability along a river : a case study of the Siret River (Romania)
  • This study is principally concerned with changes in the form of the longitudinal profile and the grain size variability introduced by the Carpathian tributaries. Channel sediment analyses considered the petrography, granulometry, and morphometry