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  • This study analyses the between-catchment variability of rill volumes produced by concentrated flow erosion during winter in the northern part of the Paris Basin. The working hypotheses were that 1) runoff concentrates along channels determined
  • by topography or by agricultural practices; 2) rill length is a major component of rill volume variability on a catchment scale; 3) rill cross-sectional areas are controlled by the size of upslope runoff-contributing areas connected to the corresponding channels
  • This study was carried out to provide data on the spatial variability of runoff and sediment production on lithologically uniform hillsllopes which differ in aspect, slope and vegetation. Such data can be used to adjust forestry practices for more
  • Climatic variability ; England ; Global change ; Human impact ; Land use ; Model ; Plant cover ; Precipitation ; Soil ; Soil erosion ; United Kingdom
  • In field measurements of soil erosion spatial variability is usually neglected. Due to natural site conditions, however, considerable variations of runoff and soil loss can occur even within apparently homogeneous fields. This was observed on large
  • This paper presents some results of a survey conducted to study the temporal and spatial variability of the erosional system in two adjacent cultivated catchments in the Belgian Loam belt. Assessment of soil erosion rates, some controlling factors
  • variability, at the plot scale, together with relatively low fire intensities and a well-structured and stable soil, were considered to be the main reasons for the very low runoff and sediment yield at the meso-scale (hillslope).