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  • Atmospheric circulation ; Cloud ; Cloud cover ; Interannual variability ; Meteorology ; Poland ; Warsaw ; Years 1950-59 ; Years 1990-99
  • The paper presents comparative research of air circulation and variability of cloudiness. The meteorological data from Warsaw for the period 1951-2000 were taken into consideration. - (BJ)
  • Air temperature ; Cracow ; Diurnal variation ; Human bioclimatology ; Interannual variability ; Poland ; Temperature ; Years 1830-39 ; Years 1990-99
  • The paper presents the analysis of the variability and tendencies of change (trends) of unfavourable biothermal conditions in Cracow. The study used the diurnal records of air temperature from Cracow in the years 1826-2002. It was concluded
  • Air quality ; Atmosphere ; Atmospheric pollution ; Countryside ; Interannual variability ; Pollution ; Seasonal variability ; Switzerland ; Town ; Years 1990-99
  • Benin ; Climatic variability ; Interannual variability ; Precipitation ; Rainfall regime ; West Africa ; Years 1940-49 ; Years 1970-79 ; Years 1990-99
  • This research shows the changes occured in pluviometric variability in Benin. In effect, the comparative diagnosis of the number of rainy days, pluviometric indices and tendancies realised using the graphic method and the frequent analysis permit
  • to notice the changes in the statute of pluviometric variability over the periods 1941-1970 and 1971-2000. - (BJ)
  • Carpathian Mountains ; Interannual variability ; Poland ; Precipitation ; Snow ; Years 1970-79 ; Years 1990-99
  • The Gaik-Brzezowa and Szymbark series of daily weather observations and measurements was used to analyse the variability of the number of days with snowfall and the total snowfall during the cold season (Nov.-Apr.) in the period 1971-2000
  • Asia ; Atmospheric circulation ; Correlation ; Drought ; Interannual variability ; Middle East ; Rainfall ; Regional climate ; Years 1960-69 ; Years 1980-89
  • Dry and wet years in the Near-East - Relationship with regional atmospheric circulation. Rainfall in the Near-East (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel) is characterized by a strong variability at inter-annual and monthly time scales. Three regional
  • In this survey we contribute to the evaluation of the dependence between water balance of big dams towards climate and notably towards the rain and the evaporation. The modest and variable rain contrast with a high and less variable evaporation
  • . But the variability of inflow remain superior to the one of the rain and overtake from afar the one of the evaporation. - (BJ)
  • Africa ; Climate ; Climatic variability ; Drought ; Man-environment relations ; Morocco ; Twentieth Century ; West Africa
  • The paper presents the results of research dealing with climate variability in north west Africa (Maroc). The droughts in the last 30 years of XX century are studied. - (BJ)
  • Climatic data ; Climatic variability ; Meteorology ; Poland ; Seasonal variability ; Snow ; Snow cover ; Twentieth Century
  • The aim of the study is to investigate long-term changes and variability of snow cover in Poland in the 20th century. The investigation involved homogenised data on the snow cover duration and seasonal maximum depth of snow cover from 66
  • Bioclimatology ; Climate ; Heat ; Human bioclimatology ; Perception ; Poland ; Seasonal variability ; Spatial variation ; Temperature
  • The paper presents new approach of bioclimatic evaluation of Poland based on bio-thermal indices derived from the human body heat balance. Seasonal and spatial variability of subjective Temperature (STI), Physiological Strain (PhS) and Heat Load
  • Air temperature ; Brazil ; Climate ; Correlation ; Criminality ; Seasonal variability ; Urban area
  • Air temperature is related to certain deseases as well as to certain types of human behaviour, and can be correlated with criminality rates - not explain them. The observation of seasonal and daily variability of the air temperature in Brazil has
  • Climatic variability ; Climatic variation ; Forest ; Impact ; Ivory Coast ; Land utilisation ; Precipitation ; Remote sensing ; SPOT ; Tropical zone
  • From the analysis of rainfall variability, it is possible to identify ruptures of stationnarity (for example the end of 1970's) in the forest area of Haut-Sassandra (mid-west of the Côte d'Ivoire) which correspond certainly to significant variations
  • Aridity ; Climate ; Exceptional event ; Italy ; Lombardia ; Seasonal variability ; Time series ; Weather type
  • Canada ; Climatic data ; Climatic variability ; Forecast ; Freezing ; Ice ; Lake ; Model ; Quebec ; Simulation
  • More than half of the forests of Tunisia are in the North-West of the country where forest fires happen mainly during summer. The variations of fires (numbers and burnt surfaces) have been compared from 1990 to 2001 with the variability
  • This article presents a study of the wind spatial variability. The studied area is the Marne vineyard, where a better knowledge of the wind field can allow an improvement of the frost risk forecast. - (BJ)
  • In spring-frost situation, shelterbelts generate a strong spatial variability of the minimal temperatures. The objective of this work is to evaluate the shelterbelt influence on the distribution of freezing and to propose methods of protection
  • Aeolian dust ; Agricultural practice ; Agriculture ; Air temperature ; Amazon Basin ; Atmospheric moisture ; Atmospheric pollution ; Brazil ; Climatic variability ; Human impact ; Mato Grosso ; Rainfall
  • Climate ; Climatic variability ; Eleventh Century ; Historical climate ; Statistics ; Time series ; Twentieth Century ; Weather type