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  • Spatial differences and multi-mechanism of carbon footprint based on GWR model in provincial China
  • Analyse spatiale ; Changement climatique ; Chine ; Empreinte carbone ; Gestion de l'environnement ; Modèle ; Réchauffement climatique ; Système d'information géographique ; Urbanisation
  • Carbon footprint ; China ; Climatic change ; Climatic warming ; Environmental management ; Geographical information system ; Model ; Spatial analysis ; Urbanization
  • Based on the energy consumption, integrated with the Top-Down life cycle approach and geographically weighted regression (GWR) model, this paper analyzed the spatial differences and multi-mechanism of carbon footprint in provincial China in 2010
  • . Firstly, the AA. calculated the amount of carbon footprint of each province using “Top-Down” life cycle approach and found that there were significant differences. Secondly, with the aid of GIS and spatial analysis model (GWR model), this paper had
  • 2014
  • This paper uses OLS model, Spatial Panel Lagged model and Spatial Panel Error model to quantitatively analyze the influencing mechanisms of 5 class factors and 17 variables supported by GIS (Geographic Information System) and MATLAB. A comprehensive
  • data set was developed including physical geography and socio-economic information of 2286 counties. The results show that Spatial Panel Data models are slightly superior to OLS model in terms of significance and confidence level. Regression results
  • 2014