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  • Geographical periodical ; Information ; Poland ; Société de géographie ; Years 1910-19 ; Years 1920-29
  • , Jan Szupryczynski, and Zbigniew Taylor. Przeglad Geograficzny established its own line, becoming Poland's leading geographical journal and retaining close links with the Polish academy of Sciences Warsaw based Institute of Geography - (BJ).
  • At the time of its inception in 1918, (the Geographical Review) was the scientific journal of a newly established Polish Geographical Society (Polskoie Towarzystwo Geograficzne) in a newly independent Poland. The first edditor was Ludomir Sawicki
  • , whose first volume of the new journal appeared in March 1918. The next editors were : Ludomir Stanislaw Lencewicz, Eugeniusz Romer, Stanislaw leszczycki (after whom the Institute of geography and Spatial Organisation PAS is now named), Jerzy Kostrowicki
  • 2008