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  • Géographe ; Géographie historique ; JESENKO (J.) ; Siècle 19 ; Slovénie ; Terminologie
  • Geographer ; Historical geography ; Nineteenth Century ; Slovenia ; Terminology
  • Janez Jesenko - a slightly forgotten geographer from the second half of the 19th century is beside the cosmopolitan Blaz Kocen undoubtedly the most important colossus of Slovenian geography of that time. Although he published a number
  • of geographical and historical textbooks as a grammar school teacher, he is by means of presenting the contents more a serious scientist than a teacher. His dealing with the subject was systematic and profound, based on the latest scientific conclusions
  • of that time. A closer examination of his work has revealed that he can be regarded as a founder of Slovenian geographical onomastics and terminology. - (IKR)
  • 2008
  • This article describes the results of an expert analysis carried out for the Slovenian government Commission for the Standardization of Geographical Names regarding the proper name for a stream that flows through Podkoren in the Upper Sava Valley
  • that starts at a spring just beyond the upper end of the village and joins the longer affluent after a few dozen meters. Through geographical, historical, and linguistic analyses were performed based on diverse text and graphic resources in order to determine
  • 2008