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  • Indonesia between myth and reality
  • Planning for rural development : experiences and alternatives. Cases from Indonesia and Lesotho
  • Concept ; Government intervention ; Indonesia ; Lesotho ; Rural development ; Rural planning
  • Beginning from a synopsis of the concept and scope of rural development the study assesses the experiences of the government interventions which aimed at promoting rural development in Indonesia and Lesotho. - (AGD)
  • A geologic and mineral resource assessment of Indonesia
  • This paper presents an assessment of all undiscovered mineral resources in Indonesia by province. In addition to hydrocarbon, study results indicate that Indonesia may be well-endowed in nonfuel mineral resources, particularly in Timor, Nusa
  • A Program for land registration and land transfer in Indonesia
  • Management of mangrove exploitation in Indonesia
  • Contributions to the study of the Palaeolithic Patjitan culture, Java, Indonesia. PartI, 1976
  • The new rice in Indonesia
  • Indonesia's role in world energy markets in the 1980s
  • Rural telephone in Indonesia and Thailand: social and economic benefits
  • Media in Indonesia : forum for political change and critical assessment
  • Indonesia in the new millenium : securing democracy and national unity. Special section
  • Communication ; Indonesia ; Liberalisation ; Mass media ; Political reform ; Press
  • Applied geomorphological mapping of Indonesia
  • In 1983, a pilot project was initiated for an applied geomorphological mapping programme for Indonesia, financed by a World Bank loan. The area between Semarang and Rembang, central Java, was selected as being quite representative for the Indonesian
  • Trade liberalization and the geography of production : agglomeration, concentration, and dispersal in Indonesia's manufacturing industry
  • Agglomeration ; Indonesia ; Industrial concentration ; International trade ; Liberalisation ; Production ; Settlement system ; Spatial distribution ; Trade policy
  • ENSO rainfall variability and impacts on crop production in Indonesia
  • Agricultural production ; Agroclimatology ; Climate oscillation ; Climatic variability ; El Niño ; Forecast ; Impact ; Indonesia ; Precipitation ; Rice
  • Using rice production and rainfall data extending back to 1950 for the 27 Indonesian provinces, this paper examines temporal and spatial relationships across Indonesia between El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) induced rainfall variability and rice
  • The forest fires in Indonesia 1997-98 : possible causes and pervasive consequences
  • Biodiversity ; Drought ; Ecosystem ; El Niño ; Forest ; Forest fire ; Health ; Human impact ; Impact ; Indonesia ; Monsoon ; Pollution ; Tropical rain forest
  • The recent (September 1997 to June 1998) forest fires in Indonesia represent an unprecedented ecological disaster. This article describes recent events, evaluates the possible natural and human causes of the fires, and surveys the possible
  • Indonesia's Medan Merdeka: national identity and the built environment
  • Built up area ; Cultural landscape ; Cultural studies ; Ideology ; Indonesia ; Jakarta ; Jawa ; National identity ; Nationalism ; Semiotics of space ; Urban area
  • The paper examines the manipulation of symbols within the Independence Square in central Jakarta as a means of understanding the task of creating a particular national unity in post-colonial Indonesia. This reading is contingent upon the possibility
  • Interregional migration in Indonesia as a reflection of social and Regional inequalities
  • In this article it is shown that the present peripheral-capitalistic development in Indonesia has reinforced the various types of regional sectoral and social inequalities which already came into existence during colonial times. With the help
  • of the 1971-census date on inter-provincial migration in Indonesia it was possible to identify different patterns of migration. Then the Provinces were grouped according to their centre of periphery characteristics and compared for their migration factor
  • The 2004 elections in Indonesia : political reform and democratisation
  • Indonesia in the new millenium : securing democracy and national unity. Special section
  • Election ; Indonesia ; Institution ; Political geography
  • From Sabang to Merauke : nationalist secession movements in Indonesia
  • Indonesia in the new millenium : securing democracy and national unity. Special section
  • Autonomy ; Conflict ; Ethnic community ; Indonesia ; Nationalism ; Political geography ; Regionalism ; Separatism ; Society ; Sovereignty
  • Climatic, environmental and human consequences of the largest known historic eruption : Tambora volcano (Indonesia) 1815
  • Aerosol ; Atmosphere ; Catastrophe ; Climatic cooling ; Impact study ; Indonesia ; Tsunami ; Volcanic eruption ; Volcanism
  • The 1815 eruption of Tambora volcano (Sumbawa island, Indonesia) expelled around 140 gt of magma, making it the largest known historic eruption. 71 000 people died. The eruption injected 60 mt of sulfur into the stratosphere, which resulted
  • Ecotourism potential in the Togian Islands, Indonesia
  • Cultural studies ; Ecotourism ; Environment ; Impact ; Indonesia ; Island ; Tourism
  • Tourism has been a mixed blessing to Indonesia. The country is now exploring ecotourism, which is small scale, locally managed, and less harmful to the environment and local cultures. He and some colleagues visited the Togian Islands of Sulawesi