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  • The survey of spatial disparity in India with the application of the SENTIENT Index
  • District ; Economic development ; India ; Regional analysis ; Regional development ; Regional disparities
  • Análisis regional ; Desarrollo económico ; Desarrollo regional ; Desnivel entre las regiones ; Distrito ; India
  • In the study the data of 593 districts of India were elaborated, based on the district level information of the census held in 2001. As a result, the districts of India were classified by the relative level of development, using the so-called
  • India and the internal correlations of the state of development or backwardness also become clear. - (AM)
  • Water Supply and Health in India
  • Health ; India ; Pollution ; Regional disparities ; Water ; Water quality
  • In many parts of India, neither the quantity nor the quality of drinking water supplied to the public comply with required standards. In addition there are vast disparities between different regions and communities. The article deals with a chronic
  • poisoning of arsenic in groundwater and other contamination in India. - (IfL)
  • A review of recent urban geographic studies in India
  • India ; Research ; Urban geography ; Urban planning ; Urbanization
  • The paper reviews the changing nature of the growing specialized trends of urban geography in India since independence, with a particular emphasis to the 1980s and early 1990. Urban geography has emerged as a major academic sub-field in India
  • Encyclopaedia of North India. Volume 1 : The North-East : part 1, History of the region, part 2, The Ahom period, part 3, The British period, Volume 2 : Assam, Volume 3 : Arunachal Pradash, Manipur, Volume 4 : Naga tribes, Meghalaya
  • Community ; Cultural studies ; Ethnic community ; History ; India ; Language ; Tribe
  • This 5 volumes encyclopaedic study of India's North-East is the result of the Author's 11 years of service in the region. It studies the diversity of the North-East (ethnics, racial, religious, linguistic, size, historic and geography). If India
  • is microcosmic world, the North-East is microcosmic India. 213 communities are indigenous to the North-East, among which 111 languages are found in Arunachal Pradesh alone. It is the home to 325 spoken languages. Assam State, with a population of 39 millions
  • constitutes 2,69 % of India's surface while its area is 255 088 sq. km (7,75 % of the 3.287.263 sq. km of India).
  • Availability of cattle fodder in India
  • Regional disparities in levels of diversification in rural economy in India
  • Regional disparities in educational development in India : an inter-state analysis
  • Atlas of forest resources of India : a plea for review
  • Geographical patterns of acceptance of family planning methods in India
  • A geomorphological study of the Punjab Plains and the Northern part of the Thar desert in India
  • Simla. A hill station in British India
  • India in statistics.
  • Caste and modernization in India to-day
  • India's malaria resurgence 1965-1978
  • Pushkar: prehistory and climatic change in Western India
  • Impact of irrigation expension on multiple cropping in India
  • Fertility, society, and food in India in Rural development.
  • Settlements in the Rajasthan Canal irrigation area, India
  • Devaluation, recession and nontraditional manufactured exports from India
  • Improving village irrigation systems: an example from India