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  • Competition ; Economic geography ; Globalization ; India ; Investment ; Spatial differentiation
  • India is a country with a very fast growing economy, benefiting from comprehensive economical reforms and an increasingly integration into the world markets. What are the effects on India? A phenomenal modernization of a large number of economic
  • Agricultural sector ; Agriculture ; Developing countries ; Famine ; Genetically modified organism ; India ; Poverty ; Rural geography
  • An often discussed question is whether modern technologies can help developing countries to overcome hunger and poverty. In the past, the technology-driven Green Revolution already helped prevent famines in India. Yet, the country still faces
  • Chemnai ; Decision making process ; India ; Living conditions ; Shanty town ; Social geography ; Tamil Nadu ; Urban geography ; Urban settlement
  • Slum dwellers in India`s mega-cities are exposed to a multitude of risks which threaten their livelihoods every day. In addition hazards such as natural disasters, water shortages or looming expulsion by authorities put their lives at risk
  • Decision making process ; India ; Karnataka ; Tamil Nadu ; Use conflict ; Water ; Water management
  • Andhra Pradesh ; Economic geography ; Food trade ; Hyderabad ; India ; Informal sector
  • In urban India street food contributes considerably to the food security of the poor and lower middle class strata. Furthermore roadside vending and hawking provides income-opportunities for a large number of low-skilled city dwellers
  • Agriculture ; Andhra Pradesh ; Bioenergy ; Biofuel ; Cultivated plants ; Decision making process ; Energy ; India ; Social geography ; Woman
  • China ; Economic geography ; Economic growth ; Frontier ; Globalization ; India ; Region ; Social group ; Spatial differentiation