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  • China ; Conflict ; Frontier ; India ; Political geography ; Trade
  • The paper examines the origins of border disputes and potentialities of exchange across borders. The colonial heritage of the Great Game in the eastern part of High Asia confronted independent India and the PR of China with unsolved boundary issues
  • which are the source of conflicts until today. Tibet remains to be the result of buffer state policies and of non-granted autonomy or statehood. Nepal and Bhutan could survive as independent states while Sikkim was occupied and integrated into India
  • . In addition India has shaped its outer and inner borders further and new territorial entities are the result or the indicator for disputes, regionalism and segregation. The listed disputes have attenuated regional development and cross-border exchange
  • Frontier ; Frontier region ; Geopolitics ; Himalaya ; India ; Mountain ; Political geography ; Sikkim
  • China ; Economic growth ; Globalization ; Governance ; India ; Trade