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  • India and Madagascar in Gondwanaland based on matching Precambrian lineaments
  • India's and Australia's pole path since the late Mesozoic and the India-Asia collision
  • Longwave radiation in the Himalayas of central Nepal and northwest India
  • This paper focuses on the energy balance's longwave radiation component for selected summer daytime periods in the Annapurna region of central Nepal and various mountain sites in Kashmir and Ladakh of northwestern India.
  • The flora from the Permian nonmarine sequences of India and Australia: a comparison in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • In India and eastern Australia the megaflora is divisible into a number of assemblages containing genera in common but different at the specific level. This is considered to have been caused by homoplasy rather than by close proximity of India
  • Environmental tritium and radio-carbon studies in the Vedavati river basin, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Stable-isotope geohydrology of the Lower Maner Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Holocene climatic changes over northwest India : an appraisal
  • Domaine aride ; Géographie physique ; Holocène ; Inde ; Northwest India ; Paléoclimatologie ; Quaternaire ; Reconstruction climatique ; Variation climatique
  • Geochemistry of lake waters of Pulicat, India
  • Spreading history of the eastern Indian Ocean and Greater India's northward flight from Antarctica and Australia
  • Monsoon fluctuations in two 20,000-yr B.P. Oxygen-isotope/pollen records off southwest India
  • Rainfall patterns in India
  • Analysis of persistence in daily monsoon rainfall over India
  • Population regionals a perspective in geographic space of India in Natural hazards management in South America.
  • Effect of an ephemeral stream on the groundwater level and groundwater quality in an arid zone of India
  • The India Eurasia suture zone in northern Pakistan: synthesis and interpretation of recent data at plate scale
  • between India and Asia, this oceanic sequence was obducted on to the Paleozoic cover of the Indian shield, along a large overthrust (Main Mantle Thrust). Deformation during this event was chiefly crustal simple shear as attested by the flattly dipping
  • Coefficient of variation as a measure of relative wetness of different stations in India
  • Morphological and hydrological characteristics of some allochtonous river channels, Western Deccan Trap Upland region, India
  • Chemical and sediment mass transfer in the Godavari River basin in India
  • Isotopic composition of calcrete deposits from Europe, Africa and India
  • Morphology and denudation chronology of the coastal and Upland river basins of western Deccan Trappean landscape (India) : a collation