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  • Empirical prediction of the summer monsoon rainfall over India
  • Geochronological studies of strandlines of Saurashtra, India, detected by remote sensing techniques
  • Droughts/floods in the summer monsoon season over different meteorological subdivisions of India for the period 1871-1984
  • Groundwater in Deccan basalts of the Betwa Basin, India
  • Tropical cyclone: study of cyclone-affected areas in 1977 in the Krishna delta region of southern India
  • The water balance of the Betwa basin, India
  • Handbook of solar radiation. Data for India, 1980.
  • The Melanesian Borderland and India. Pacific plates'boundary
  • Late Quaternary loess and paleosols, Kashmir valley, India in Quaternary of the Karakoram and Himalaya.
  • Computation of the average precipitation over the western part of peninsular India during the summer monsoon from the continuity equation for atmospheric water vapour
  • Synoptic climatology of the daily 700mb summer monsoon flow patterns over India
  • Soil temperature regime in the arid zone of India
  • The Southern Oscillation and long-range forecasting of the summer monsoon rainfall over India
  • A physical basis for changes in the phases of the summer monsoon over India
  • Patterns of India monsoon rainfall anomalies
  • Growth, resource allocation patterns and nutritional status of some dominant annual weeds of shifting agriculture (Jhum) in North-Eastern India
  • Consequences of deforestation and overgrazing on the hydrological regime of some experimental basins in India in The influence of Man on the hydrological regime with special reference to representative and experimental basins.
  • Reddening of dune sands-evidence from south-east India
  • Hydrological study of potential groundwater in the two southern districts of West Bengal, India in Hydrology of areas of low precipitation.
  • Evaluation of groundwater resources of the Chikkahagari basin, Karnataka, India in Hydrology of areas of low precipitation.