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  • Urbanization in a border region: a case study of India's border districts adjoining Pakistan
  • Attitudes toward risk: theoretical implications of an experiment in rural India
  • Socio-cultural aspects of infections hepatitis in Vadodara, India
  • Variations in noise generation: Bangalore, India
  • Wasteland identification in India using satellite remote sensing
  • Lower order cities and national urbanization policies: China and India in Equity with growth? Planning perspectives for small towns in developing countries.
  • Housing policy and financial frameworks in India
  • Tourism in a developing area, the case of Tamil Nadu, India
  • The regulated and periodic markets and rural development in India
  • A theory of family investment in child education and fertility with applications to India in Rural development.
  • The instruments of urban land policy in India : opportunities for future direction
  • Three colonial port cities in India
  • Geography of cancer in India
  • Central place hierarchy in a backward economy: Gorakhpur region (India)
  • Colonization and its impact on the incidence of malaria in the Tarai region of Uttar Pradesh, India
  • The economic efficiency of farmers growing high-yielding, irrigated rice in India
  • Obstacles to tree planting for wood fuel in the arid zone, with particular reference to India and Kenya in L'énergie dans les communautés rurales des pays du Tiers-Monde.
  • This article briefly summarises the botanical results and data from archaeological excavations in China, India, and Thailand. There is no recent information on the origins of glutinous rice but botanical evidence points to a West African origin.
  • Author suggests that two different social orders in Indian civilization, one in the North and the other in the Dravidian South, account for two distinctive ways of experiencing place and that these are manifested in the landscapes of India. - (DWG)
  • Intertemporal allocation of irrigation water in the Mayurakshi project (India): an application of chance-constrained linear programming