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  • Elo-India I. Indiai Koztarsasag. (East India. I. The Republic of India)
  • The A. reviews the physical endowments, especially climate, the demographical explosion and the unstable economy based on agriculture of the Republic of India, always regarding didactic aspects. (C. Kiricsi).
  • National atlas of India. Plate 224 : Southern India - Land capability - Plate 203 : Southern India - Soil Regions.
  • Government of India, National atlas and thematic mapping Organisation, Calcutta, Inde
  • Wooing the Generals. India's new Burma policy
  • Army ; Buddhism ; Burma ; China ; Foreign policy ; Geostrategy ; India ; International relations ; Policy ; Political regime
  • Relations between India and Burma date back to the 3rd century BC and Burma was at one time the largest province of British India. In 1962, the advent of the military rules isolated the country by throwing the bamboo curtain on it. India has thus
  • long ignored its eastern neighbour and after 1988, the idealist policies. India defined towards Burma was not altered. At the end of the 90s India's policy toward Burma was dramatically shifted with the launch of its Look East Policy. India's strategy
  • International tourism in India
  • Author has attempted to analyse the character and present trend of international tourism in India, especially since 1960. - (PLK)
  • Pakistan or, The partition of India
  • Geography of India: agriculture geography
  • Atlas of forest resources of India
  • Rural industrialisation in India
  • Cantonment towns of India
  • Geography in the North East India
  • Ecology of rural India.
  • Agrarian movement in India.
  • Environment management in India.
  • Dimensions of rural development in India.
  • Studying the history of urbanization in India
  • Some aspects of industrial migration in India
  • Coal industry in India. An historical and analytical account
  • India : learning curves (part II)
  • Economic aid ; India ; Project ; Rural development ; Uttar Pradesh
  • Personal encounters of an American geographer in India seeking to learn about a failed development scheme of the 1950s, the Etawah Pilot Project, funded largely with US assistance. - (DWG)
  • Elo-India kisebb allamai. (Smaller states of East-India)