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  • Northern sphinx. Iceland and the Icelanders from the settlement to the present
  • Tolfroedihandbok 1974-Statistical abstract of Iceland 1974
  • Statistical Bureau of Iceland
  • The Icelandic economy. Riches under risk
  • The significance of periglacial phenomena in Iceland
  • This paper gives a systematic survey of the periglacial landforms of Iceland. The presentation is centered on the question of the significance of distinct periglacial features on certain climatic and edaphic environmental conditions
  • , and on the question of the place which the volcanic island of Iceland holds within the periglacial zone. (l'A.).
  • The nature and geomorphological relationships of earth hummocks (Thufa) in Iceland
  • Earth surface processes ; Iceland ; Microrelief ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Tephrochronology
  • Several hundred hummocks (thufa) from a variety of geomorphological environments in north and south Iceland have been examined. The general conclusion is that thufa form within limits determined by soil grain size, soil depth, local climate, depth
  • of soil water table and geomorphological environment and they must be seen as part of the continuum of processes acting on vegetated Icelandic slopes.
  • The icelandic rofabard soil erosion features
  • Aeolian features ; Agropedology ; Cold area ; Desertification ; Erosion rate ; Iceland ; Soil erosion ; Spatial distribution
  • Soil erosion and desertification are severe problems in Iceland. One of the most distinctive erosion forms in Iceland is an erosion escarpment, termed robafard in Icelandic, where andosols are being truncated from the surface and barren desert
  • Effects of mechanical layering on the development of normal faults and dykes in Iceland
  • Magmatism and tectonics in Iceland. Special issue
  • Cenozoic ; Dyke ; Fault ; Iceland ; Rift ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics ; Transforming fault ; Volcanic rock
  • Dykes and normal faults are the most common large-scale tectonic elements in Iceland. This paper summarises the main structral features of tension fractures, normal faults and dykes in Iceland as a basis for understanding their development
  • Precipitation in Southwestern Iceland
  • Geomorfologisk karta over Island.. (Geomorphological map of Iceland)
  • The Icelandic economy. Developments 1981-1982.
  • Volcanic hazards and jökulhlaups in Iceland
  • Glacial features ; Glacier ; Iceland ; Inundation ; Island ; Lava flow ; Meltwater ; Mudflow ; Natural hazards ; Volcanic activity ; Volcanism
  • Iceland is one of the youngest territory of the Earth's surface. Together with glaciers volcanic activities contribute to another risk process called jökulhlaup. It is a large-scale flood event generated by a sudden drainage of the water contained
  • The glaciolacustrine landform-sediment assemblage at Heinabergsjοkull, Iceland
  • Glacial features ; Glacial lake ; Glaciolacustrine ; Iceland ; Lithostratigraphy ; Palaeogeography ; Pleistocene ; Sedimentary structure
  • Landform-sediment assemblages associated with two ice-dammed lakes, one active and one fossil, at Heinabergsjοkull in southeast Iceland are described. These data are vey important for the interpretation of Pleistocene ice-dammed lakes.
  • Dansk-islenskar nattururannsoknir a Islandi a milli 1920 og 1940 Danish-Icelandic geological expeditions to Iceland between 1920 and 1940
  • The crustal structure of Iceland and the Iceland-Faeroe-Shetland region
  • Iceland in Geology of the european countries. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
  • A polygenetic landform at Stígá, Öraefajοkull, southern Iceland
  • Glacial features ; Glacier fluctuation ; Iceland ; Lithology ; Moraine ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeogeomorphology ; Periglacial features ; Sedimentology
  • This paper describes and accounts for the formation of a ridge of unconsolidated sediment located adjacent to the foot of a talus slope in a recently glaciated valley, in southern Iceland. Specific processes associated with the development
  • The Icelandic economy Developments 1978-1979.
  • National Economic Institute of Iceland. (NEII), Islande
  • Crust of oceanic affinity in Iceland
  • Evidence for subsidence of at least 2km during crustal formation and the absence of an increase in minor intrusion density with depth in the lower 2km are the major results of the field study of a 3-km vertical section of Icelandic crust.
  • Sedimentation and stratigraphy at Eyjabakkajokull-An Icelandic surging glacier
  • A model for sedimentation by surging glaciers is developed from analysis of the debris load, sedimentary processes, and proglacial stratigraphy observed at the Icelandic surging glacier, Eyjabakkajükull.
  • A new lichenometric dating curve for southeast Iceland
  • Dating ; Eighteenth Century ; Iceland ; Lichenometry ; Moraine ; Nineteenth Century ; Palaeogeography ; Reliability ; Twentieth Century
  • This study uses 9 reliably dated surfaces covering the last 270 years within southeast Iceland to construct a regional lichenometric dating curve. The growth of lichen species within Rhizocarpon Section Rhizocarpon is non-linear over time
  • , with larger (older) thalli apparently growing more slowly. Reasons for the non-linearity of the new dating curve are probably physiological, although climatic change over the last 3 centuries cannot be ruled out. Use of linear growth curves in Iceland