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  • Drawing on examples from reptiles, amphibians and plants, the AA. examine the role of the Pyrenees as a barrier to migration of species between Europe and the Iberian Peninsula and as a refuge in the face of climatic change. - (DWG)
  • Topography's role in the positioning of the limits between Eurosiberian and Mediterranean regions in the northwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula is very important. The distribution of different plant communities in the area are mapped and two
  • Glaciokarst depressions in the Door Peninsula, Wisconsin
  • Dolomite ; Door Peninsula ; Dépression fermée ; Etats-Unis ; Glaciaire ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphogenèse ; Karst ; Wisconsin
  • Glaciokarst assemblages, rarely documented in the United States are well represented in the Door Peninsula, where characteristic steps, pavements and enclosed depressions are developed in the Silurian Niagara Dolomite.
  • Recent seasonal rainfall and temperature relationships in peninsular Florida
  • Rainfall and temperature records for the last half century are analyzed for peninsular Florida. A recent increase in winter precipitation, weakening toward the south, appears to be related to the temperature decline of the last several decades
  • of precipitation throughout the Florida peninsula and extended drought conditions for the southern half of the peninsula.
  • Geostrophic wind over Cape York Peninsula and pressure jumps around the Gulf of Carpentaria
  • Années 1978-1983 ; Australie ; Brise de mer ; Cape York Peninsula ; Crochet barométrique ; Gulf of Carpentaria ; Géographie physique ; Littoral ; Pression atmosphérique ; Queensland ; Variation interhoraire ; Vent ; Vent géostrophique
  • Pressure jumps, almost certainly due to interaction of opposing sea-breeze gravity currents, are very common in the nocturnal atmosphere of western Cape York Peninsula and the Gulf of Carpentaria in October. Most come from the east-northeast
  • , the direction of the eastern coast of the Peninsula, and they apparently occur on well over 70 % of days in some part of the morning glory zone. These days are those relatively unaffected by synoptic-scale disturbances. (JPB).
  • Lake sediment cores from the Antarctic peninsula and surrounding islands
  • Sediment cores from two lakes on the Antarctic Peninsula, Hidden Lake on James Ross Island and Lake Boeckella in Hope Bay, are described, analysed and dated with regard to climatic changes during the Holocene.
  • A classification of the vegetation of Boothia Peninsula and the northern District of Keewatin, N.W.T.
  • Analyse discriminante ; Analyse en composantes principales ; Analyse multivariée ; Biogéographie ; Boothia Peninsula ; Canada ; Classification ; Géographie physique ; Keewatin District ; Northwest Territories ; Phytosociologie ; Végétation ; Zone
  • Magmatic evolution of the northern Antarctic Peninsula in Gondwana Five. Selected papers and abstracts of papers.
  • Antarctic Peninsula ; Antarctique ; Evolution magmatique ; Géographie physique ; Magma ; Tectonique globale ; Volcanisme
  • Recent increased aridity in peninsular Florida
  • Precipitation and river-flow data from peninsular Florida show a trend toward increased aridity beginning about 1960. The trend follows by 10-20 yr the onset of Northern Hemispheric cooling and indicates a possible present-day link between
  • this cooling and the recent decrease in precipitation in peninsular Florida. This phenomenon tends to support the hypothesis of a return to cooler and drier conditions, perhaps, similar to those prevailing during the Little Ice Age.
  • Carl C. zon Caldenius and the Swedish work on Quaternary geology in Argentina in Quaternary of South America Antarctic peninsula. Volume 1.
  • Quaternary of South America Antarctic peninsula. Volume 1.
  • Holocene sea level change and coral-reef growth at Huon peninsula, Papua New Guinea
  • A study of a deep weathering profile on granite in peninsular Malaysia
  • Rock pingos in northern Ungava Peninsula, Quebec, Canada
  • Canada ; Géographie physique ; Holocène ; Pingo ; Périglaciaire ; Québec ; Ungava Peninsula
  • Late Quaternary seismic stratigraphy of the inner shelf seaward of the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula, Canadian Beaufort Sea
  • The objectives of this paper are to present an interpretation of the late Quaternary seismic stratigraphy and sedimentary environments of the inner shelf of the eastern Beaufort Sea off Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula and to make some preliminary observations
  • Karst features of a glaciated dolomite peninsula, Door County, Wisconsin
  • A geologic investigation of the northern part of Door Peninsula, Wisconsin for a state funded water quality project revealed that karstification of the Silurian aquifer is more extensive than previously believed. Sinkholes and small insurgent
  • Periglacial phenomena on the Varanger peninsula (Norway)
  • The northernmost part of Scandinavia, the Varanger peninsula, belongs to Subarctic zone. It is possible to observe there the occurrence of both active and inactive periglacial phenomena at the some height above sea level. The area is picked out
  • Past Antarctic Peninsula climate (1850-1980) deduced from an ice core isotope record
  • Analyse isotopique ; Années 1850-1980 ; Antarctic Peninsula ; Antarctique ; Datation ; Deutérium ; Glace ; Géographie physique ; Moyenne annuelle ; Température ; Variation climatique ; Zone froide
  • Fission-track ages of tuff layers related to the Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary on the Boso Peninsula, Japan
  • Late glacial landforms of Wollaston Peninsula, Victoria Island, Northwest Territories : product of ice-marginal retreat, surge, and mass stagnation