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  • Decomposition of plant litter and cellulose in the tundras of the Taymyr peninsula
  • Modeling the growth and decay of the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet
  • Antarctic Peninsula ; Antarctique ; Bilan de masse ; Glaciaire ; Glaciologie ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Inlandsis ; Isostasie ; Modèle ; Niveau marin ; Quaternaire
  • Ice-wedge ice, Mackenzie Delta-Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula area, N. W. T., Canada
  • Arctique ; Arctique canadien ; Canada ; Coin de glace ; Croissance ; Cryopédologie ; Glace ; Glace du sol ; Glaciaire ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Northwest Territories ; Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula ; Zone froide
  • Frostdynamik und Permafrost in eisfreien Gebieten der Antarktischen Halbinsel. (Frost dynamics and permafrost in ice-free areas of the Antarctic Peninsula)
  • Antarctic Peninsula ; Antarctique ; Cryopédologie ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Géomorphologie ; Permafrost ; Périglaciaire
  • Subglacial morphology in northern Palmer Land, Antarctic peninsula
  • Ice thickness and surface-elevation data gathered from radio echo flights over the Antarctic peninsula are presented as profiles for five major outlet glaciers in northern Palmer Land and as contour maps for an area of 8 000 km to the east of George
  • Geologie, Tektonik und strukturelle Vorzeichnung der geomorphologischen Grossformen im Expeditionsgebiet Oobloyah Bay-Neil Peninsula, N-Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Kanada = Geology, tectonics and structural pre-disposition of larger landforms
  • in the expedition area Oobloyah Bay-Neil Peninsula, northern Ellesmere Island, N. W. T., Canada
  • While Greater Antarctica remained continental throughout Mesozoic time, the Antarctic Peninsula was partly covered by sea. Present data suggest that the break-up of Gondwana was initiated in the Middle to data Jurassic with the first significant
  • lateral movements in the Early Cretaceous. During this period, the Antarctic Peninsula area occupied an important paleogeographical position, near the junction of major new seaways that were opening between South America and Africa, along the eastern coast
  • of Africa, and between India and the Antarctic-Australasian block. The biogeographical affinities of ammonite faunas in the Antarctic Peninsula are briefly reviewed in the light of these changing paleogeographical conditions.
  • Glacial-marine sedimentation and Quaternary glacial history of Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula
  • Stratigraphy and paleoecology of quaternary sediments along Pasley River, Boothia Peninsula, central canadian Arctic
  • The spatial distribution of 10m temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Analyse isotopique ; Antarctic Peninsula ; Antarctique ; Deutérium ; Glace ; Glaciaire ; Géochimie ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Oxygène 18 ; Paléoclimatologie ; Quaternaire
  • thickness of 3300 m on Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, contains numerous thick seams of coal. The coal is highly variable in quality... Inferred resources within the area of study are calculated as 30.000 million tonnes of which 15.000 million tonnes
  • the height of tsunamis in the western Bering Sea because of refraction is 0.88, i. e. three times as many as the corresponding probability for the Pacific coast of the Kuril Islands and the Kamtchatka Peninsula. - (L'Ed.).
  • Arctique ; Arctique canadien ; Canada ; Cristallisation ; Gel ; Glace ; Glaciaire ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Hydrolaccolithe ; Northwest Territories ; Permafrost ; Pingo ; Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula ; Zone froide