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  • A simplified approach for determining the hydrometer's dynamic settling depth in particle-size analysis
  • The goal of this work is based on determining the actual settling depth of the hydrometer's geometric center associated with a given concentration, and using this depth to determine the corresponding particle size (equivalent diameter) at the given
  • that the introduced method is appropriate when many hydrometers are used.
  • Data base management for the hydrometric network of the Flemish region of Belgium
  • (Sabah, Borneo Island). The flow pathways were identified by artificial tracer experiments. The AA. evaluated how well hydrometric calculations based on tensiometry and permeametry measurements predicted the tracer patterns. The results indicate
  • that marked variations in flow vector exist within the Udult great group of SE Asian soils and hydrometric calculations may be poor predicators of these dominant pathways.
  • Most of the data used in this study come from hydrometric stations in the Yellow River basin. The purpose of this study is to elucidate the formation of hyperconcentrated flow in relation to physico-geographical factors at macro spatial scales, so
  • The AA. employed hydrometric field measurements to investigate subsurface flow processes in a forested headwater catchment in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. They examine the subsurface flow response during 3 rain events, with a specific
  • In addition to remote sensing methods used for assessment of the surface run-off from takyrs, balance hydrometric and geobotanic methods were also employed. They confirmed the feasibility of the idea to use karst and fissure water in Central
  • This paper presents a study on the effects of altered discharge and suspended sediment load on the bankfull area at Gaocun, a representative hydrometric station in the Lower Yellow River. The analysis demonstrates the cumulative effect of previous
  • Les crues du fleuve Paraná au cours du XXe siècle en fonction des hauteurs de l'hydromètre du port de Santa Fe
  • in Hydrometric Yearbook. The results obtained are comparable with those actually measured. - (BJ)
  • hydrometric sections. Finally, empirical relationships for different reaches in the LYR were developed between the reach-scale bankfull discharge and the previous four-year average discharge and incoming sediment coefficient during flood seasons.
  • of hydrometric stations, the AA. evaluate the utility of isotopic monitoring of the lower Old Crow River, which is fed by several tributaries and drains the flats, for tracking runoff generation. Isotopic snapshots obtained from 2007, 2008 and 2009 during
  • Based on hydrometric data in the upper Changjiang River basin, the change in behaviour of sediment transport of some dammed rivers was studied. As a result, some phenomena of threshold and complex response were found. The impacts of reservoir
  • Channel ; Channel geometry ; Discharge ; European part of Russia ; Floodplain ; High water bed ; Hydrology ; Hydrometric section ; Hydrometry ; Inundation ; Morphometry ; Preventive measure ; River bed ; Stream