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  • Incorporation of hydrologic cycle elements into the Dynamic-Stochastic climate model
  • Atmosphere ; Climatic variation ; Climatology ; Dynamic model ; Energy balance ; Evaporation ; Hydrology ; Hydrosphere ; Model ; Precipitation ; Stochastic model ; Thermal exchange ; Water cycle;Water circulation
  • The ways of incorporation of hydrologic cycle elements into the dynamic-stochastic heat and water exchange climate model are considered. Such approach enables to identify the main sources of precipitation climatologic variability.
  • Stochastic parameter estimation procedures for hydrologic rainfall-runoff models: correlated and heteroscedastic error cases
  • Complex confining layers. A stochastic analysis of hydraulic properties at various scales
  • Groundwater ; Hydrology ; Netherlands (The) ; Scale ; Stochastic model
  • A stochastic weather generator as a tool for the construction of climate change scenarios
  • Hydrological processes and water resources in the face of global climate change
  • weather model, a stochastic weather generator simulating daily values for elements of the climate. An attempt to verify the model was made on the basis of data for the Zamość weather station. Discussion of the results.
  • Adaptive Fourier analysis of periodic-stochastic hydrologic sequences
  • Stochastic synthesis of hydrologic data based on concepts of pattern recognition. II. Application of natural watersheds
  • Stochastic hydrology an update
  • Reconstructing extreme flows using an airflow index-based stochastic weather generator and a hydrological simulation model
  • Past hydrological events related to understanding global change
  • Climatic data ; Flood ; Hydrology ; Model ; Potential evapotranspiration ; Precipitation ; Simulation ; Stream ; Stream flow ; Twentieth Century ; United Kingdom ; Wales
  • This paper offers an alternative to the use of geomorphological and sedimentological evidence for the reconstruction of flood and low flow frequencies. It is based on a technique developed to estimate the hydrological impact of future climate change
  • Applied hydrology ; Handbook ; Hydrogeology ; Hydrology ; Mathematical model ; Stochastic model ; Water cycle ; Water economics
  • Applied hydrology ; Azov Sea ; Caspienne Sea ; Hydrological regime ; Monte Carlo analysis ; Sea level ; Stochastic model ; Stream ; Surface water ; Water management
  • The weather generation game : a review of stochastic weather models
  • Agroclimatology ; Atmospheric dynamics ; Climate ; Drought ; Forecast ; Hydrology ; Interannual variability ; Meteorology ; Ocean atmosphere interaction ; Precipitation ; Seasonal variability ; Stochastic model
  • A general class of stochastic models for hydrologic sequences
  • Limited confidence in confidence limits derived by operational stochastic hydrologic models
  • Stochastic synthesis of hydrologic data based on concepts of pattern recognition. III. Performance evaluation of the methodology
  • Stochastic synthesis of hydrologic data based on concepts of pattern recognition. I. General methodology of the approach
  • Stochastic models in hydrology
  • Fluvial hydrology ; Hydrological regime ; Kujbyshev ; Low water ; Model ; Oka ; Stochastic model ; Stream flow ; Threshold ; Ural River ; Volga
  • Mapping runoff based on hydro-stochastic approach for the Huaihe River Basin, China
  • Cartography ; China ; Krigeage ; Runoff ; South-Eastern China ; Stochastic model ; Water balance ; Water resources ; Watershed
  • This paper aims at developing the hydro-stochastic approach for producing choropleth maps of average annual runoff and computing mean discharge along the main river network for a large-scale basin. The approach applied to mean annual runoff is based
  • it avoids the complexity of hydrological models and does not depend on the meteorological data.
  • Stochastic models of sediment motion on flat bed
  • On the usefulness of weather radar data in real-time hydrological forecasting in Belgium
  • Applied hydrology ; Belgium ; Floods ; Forecast;Prediction ; Model ; Precipitation ; Radar ; Remote sensing
  • For the description of rainfall-runoff relationships a linear stochastic black-box modelling technique is chosen, yielding what is known as a transfer function noise model. An important parameter in this representation of the real system is the dead