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  • Physical-scale modelling of jökulhlaups (glacial outburst floods) with contrasting hydrograph shapes
  • hydrograph shapes produced different sedimentary and geomorphic impacts. For this purpose, an exponentially rising and a linearly rising jökulhlaup were modelled.
  • Efficiency of the geomorphic instantaneous unit hydrograph method in flood hydrograph simulation
  • of a geomorphologic model with Snyder, SCS, Trianglar, Rosso and Geomorphoclimatic Unit hydrographs, and in addition to determine the shape and dimensions of outlet runoff hydrographs. The peak time and peak flow of outlet runoff in the models were then compared
  • , and the model that most efficiently estimated hydrograph of outlet flow for similar regions was determined. The study's results confirm the high efficiency of the Geomorphoclimatic Unit Hydrograph and its ability to increase simulation accuracy for runoff
  • and hydrographs.
  • Upper layer hydrographic conditions at the Yucatan Strait during May, 1972
  • Valtozasok Gyor kornyékének vizrajzaban. (Hydrographical changes in the vicinity of Gyor)
  • Gamma synthetic hydrographs
  • Hydrographic investigations in the Iceland and Greenland Seas in late winter 1971-Deep Water Project
  • Report on hydrographic investigations of non glaciated part of northwestern Sørkapp Land (Spitsbergen)
  • On the base of the spatial distribution of the hydrographic phenomena the alimentation, transit and accumulation areas were distinguished. The alimentation area is divided into the mountain, wet subslope and wet terraces zones.―(D'après l'A.).
  • Evaluation de la transformation des hydrographes des grandes crues de l'écoulement et des niveaux d'eau de la Volga inférieure et de son delta
  • Crue ; Delta ; Débit ; Hydrographe ; Niveau de base ; Russie d'Europe ; Volga
  • Mise au point d'un système de paramètres quantitatifs des hydrographes de crues des débits et des niveaux de l'eau sur la Volga inférieure et son delta.
  • Eemian climatic and hydrographical instability on a marine shelf in northern Denmark
  • This paper presents benthic forminifera and stable data from the last interglaciation (Eemian, substage 5e) from a borehole at Skagen, Denmark. These data provide evidence for major environmental and hydrographic changes during this period.
  • Evolution of the erosion processes in the Valea Spanilor hydrographic basin from the Transylvanian Plateau
  • The data were obtained on runoff ploto (100 m2) and from the outlet of the V. Spanilor hydrographic basin (206 ha) lying in the northwest of the Transylvanian Plateau. The value of annual erosion varies between 0.39 t. ha-1 and 11.0 t. ha-1
  • Prévision de l'hydrographe des crues pluviales sur les cours d'eau d'Extrême-Orient
  • Amur ; Bassin fluvial ; Cours d'eau ; Crue ; Dal'nij Vostok ; Habarovsk ; Hydrographe ; Indicateur ; Méthodologie ; Pluie ; Primor'e ; Précipitation ; Prévision ; Russie d'Asie
  • Méthode de prévision d'un hydrographe de cours d'eau avec une alimentation pluviale d'après des données de précipitations avec une avance jusqu'à 4 à 6 jours. Le schéma de prévision est basé sur l'utilisation de bassins-indicateurs.
  • Isotope hydrograph separations and rapid delivery of pre-event water from drainage basins
  • . The hydrological processes that have been invoked to explain the observed isotopic response of streamflow to rainfall and snowmelt inputs in various environments are reviewed. This paper summarizes the environmental isotope hydrograph separation technique
  • and provides a broad review of the results of isotope hydrograph separations conducted around the world.
  • Experimental investigation of Horton overland flow on tropical hillslopes. 2. Hydraulic characteristics and hillslopes hydrographs
  • Caractéristique hydraulique ; Ecoulement ; Ecoulement superficiel ; Expérimentation ; Géographie physique ; Hydrographe de versant ; Kenya ; Mesure de terrain ; Simulateur de pluie ; Versant ; Versant de colline ; Zone intertropicale
  • Les caractéristiques de l'écoulement sous pluie artificielle ont été mesurées sur des parcelles de 5m de long sur divers types de versants au Kenya. A partir de ces résultats des hydrographes de pente sont calculés en utilisant la méthode
  • Hydrographic characteristics of the Strokdammane plain, west Spitsbergen, Svalbard
  • Instantaneous unit hydrograph with negative ordinates-possible?
  • International Hydrographic Organization is responsible for proper names and delimitation of the water bodies (for example oceans, seas, lakes and rivers) on the international level. It operates as an intergovernmental consultative professional
  • organization on hydrographic field. In 1953, it recognized four oceans and in 2000 five oceans. Slovenia has been its member since 2002 and therefore the country is obliged to respect and to realize all its decisions. But in majority, slovene school books
  • Infiltration model in simulated hydrographs
  • Watershed and river channel characteristics, and their use in a mathematical model to predict flood hydrographs in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • The paper describes performance of the Płutnica catchment hydrographic network in the last 200 years, including the present hydrographic situation. It also tries to assess the role of man in formation of water relations in this area, i.e. the role
  • of farming in the catchment and its influence on water relations. Investigations were based on interpretation of historical maps as well as making a new hydrographic picture. - (BJ)
  • A spreadsheet-based technique (Lotus 1-2-3) for separating tropical forest storm hydrographs using Hewlett and Hibbert's slope
  • The inclined line separation technique of Hewlett and Hibbert has been widely adopted to separate delayed flow from the total stream storm runoff. Presented here is the application of the technique to highly responsive storm hydrographs using