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  • Karst hydrogeology in Pollution and water resources. Hydrogeology and other selected reports.
  • Photointerpretation applied to hydrogeological problems: soil moisture content, soil permeability, hydrogeological structures in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • Karst hydrogeology in the western hemisphere in Pollution and water resources. Hydrogeology and other selected reports.
  • Our hydrogeological potentialities in international comparison
  • Cet article comporte 3 parties : 1. Basic indexes of hydrogeological potentialities in the individual countries. 2. Water supply of the population. 3. Absolute and relative load on the stock of water.
  • A hydrogeological study of the dune area of De Panne (Belgium)
  • A mathematical model of the hydrogeological system of the dune area of De Panne is presented, dealing with the saturated and unsaturated zones. The hydrochemistry of the aquifer has been investigated by chemical analyses and geoelectrical well
  • Earthquake ; Fault ; Honshu ; Hydrogeology ; Japan ; Neotectonics ; Springs
  • Investigations of the past record of fault displacements have traditionally employed only the manifestation of displaced rock masses or palaeoseismological indications of strong ground motion. However the hydrogeological changes that accompany
  • earthquakes also have the potential to leave a record in the rock, chiefly in the form of mineral precipitates. A new branch of neotectonics is proposed: neohydrotectonics concerned with the fossil record of hydrogeological changes that have accompanied
  • Geographic-physical conditions of runoff and hydrogeological characteristics of the Plitvice lakes
  • Croatia ; Discharge ; Hydrogeology ; Hydrological regime ; Lake ; Limestone ; Runoff ; Travertine
  • Az Eszaki-kozéphegység vizfoldtani tombszelvénye Hydrogeological block diagram of the North-Hungarian Mountains
  • Compiled after the hydrogeological block diagram drawn in 1971 and from new borehole data. This block diagram covers almost all the major mountains or mountains sections with the neighbouring basins. It gives information for the evaluation
  • A new hydrogeological map of Guelderland and Flevoland
  • A new mapping technique is proposed to represent on sheet the hydrogeological date of a region. The map has been composed for the situation of The Netherlands but can most likely be used for any area, where the aquifer systems consist
  • Zur hydrologischen Rayonierung und Grundwassernutzung in Afghanistan. (Hydrogeological regionalization and ground-water utilization in Afghanistan)
  • On the base of the hydrometeorological hydrographical situation, a regional hydrogeological general view on Afghanistan is given. Three regions are characterized with regard to the hydrogeology (Superior Amu-Daria basin, South Afghan artesian basin
  • Outline of the hydrogeology of the Cimino and Vico Volcanic area and of the interaction between groundwater and Lake Vico (Lazio region, Central Italy)
  • Groundwater ; Hydrogeology ; Italy ; Lake ; Lazio ; Water resources
  • was to improve our knowledge of the hydrogeological setting of the system in order to quantify the groundwater resource and to examine the interaction between the groundwater and lake Vico in their specific geological framework. - (NF)
  • Appennino ; Drainage network ; Hydrochemistry ; Hydrogeology ; Infiltration ; Italy ; Mountain ; Water balance
  • The paper discusses the results of hydrogeological studies carried out in the Montagna dei Fiori limestone ridge, between the Tronto and Tordino rivers, on the border between Marche and Abruzzo (Central Apennine). The hydrogeological results
  • and the evaluation of the hydrogeological water balance show that the Montagna dei Fiori ridge is a hydrostructure drained by the Castellano river and recharged by the precipitations and by the waters of the Salinello river. The effective infiltration is about 610 mm
  • The hydrology and hydrogeology of dambos : a review
  • Africa ; Evapotranspiration ; Geomorphology ; Humid environment ; Hydrogeology ; Hydrological regime ; Hydrology ; Model ; Runoff ; Soil moisture ; Tropical zone
  • Dambos are shallow seasonally waterlogged, tropical and subtropical African wetlands. This review paper, focusing on dambo hydrology, hydrogeology and their primary determinants, highlights the key issues of the debate and draws some overriding
  • Isotopical differentiation of groundwater of different hydrogeologic origin
  • Algerian thermalism in its geostructural setting. How Hydrogeology has helped in the elucidation of Algeria's deep-seated structure in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.
  • En bulgare Criteria expressing the effect of hydrogeological conditions on landslide slope stability
  • The effect of hydrogeology on variations in the electrical conductivity of groundwater fluctuations
  • Thermal springs in Pollution and water resources. Hydrogeology and other selected reports.
  • Pollution and water resources. Hydrogeology and other selected reports.
  • Karst hydrogeology within a subarctic peatland. Attawapiskat River, Hudson Bay lowland, Canada in Special issue.