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  • of continuous permafrost in many areas where they are located. Recent work on Disko Iland has suggested a new type of hydraulic pingo developing only in a marsh environment. It is argued that the marsh setting is not relevant to the formation of these features
  • Open system, or more correctly, hydraulic pingos, are genetically poorly understood. A continuing problem concerns their need for a perennial groundwater supply (intra- or sub-permafrost). This has to be maintained despite the existence
  • and that they are simply hydraulic pingos.
  • Catastrophe ; Conflict ; Dam ; Dammed lake ; Drought ; Eighteenth Century ; Historical geography ; Hydraulic works ; Inundation ; Irrigation ; Legislation ; Murcia ; Nineteenth Century ; Public works ; Spain ; Watershed
  • Hydraulic and geomorphological effects of run-of-river dams
  • Channel geometry ; Dam ; Fluvial erosion ; Hydraulic works ; Impact ; Sediment transport ; Stream ; Stream flow
  • related to the influence of run-of-river dams on the hydraulics and geomorphology of rivers and suggests types of studies that need to be undertaken to address gaps in current knowledge : numerical modeling and experimental investigations to determine
  • California ; Dam ; Discharge ; Fluvial hydrology ; Hydraulic works ; United States of America ; Watershed
  • Cartography ; Erosion ; Hydraulic works ; Limestone ; Turkey
  • Agricultural hydrology ; Hydraulic works ; Irrigation ; Rural history ; Spain ; Water
  • Applied hydrology ; Catchment area;Watershed ; Costa Rica ; Dam ; Erosion ; Hydraulic works ; Sedimentation
  • Applied hydrology ; Catchment area;Watershed ; Costa Rica ; Dam ; Hydraulic works
  • Bibliography ; Biobibliography ; Biography ; Climatology ; Hydraulic works ; Irrigation system ; Regional geography ; Teaching of geography ; Water economics
  • Flood ; Hydraulic works ; Slope ; Spring ; Stream
  • Modelling granular sediment transport over water-worked gravels
  • This paper reports a numerical model that calculates the transport paths of individual granular particles over a natural water-worked gravel surface. Surface topography is measured using digital photogrammetry and incorporated into a computational
  • fluid dynamics (CFD) scheme by the application of a porosity algorithm. The predicted hydraulics determine the forces acting on each particle enabling the particle trajectory to be solved by Langrangian transport equations. The methodology demonstrates
  • the importance of including complex topography in the numerical scheme as topographically induced hydraulic acceleration and deceleration affect both the transport mechanism and subsequent trajectory of the particle.
  • Experimentation at the interface of fluvial geomorphology, stream ecology and hydraulic engineering and the develoment of an effective, interdisciplinary river science
  • Bank erosion ; Ecosystem ; Experimentation ; Fish ; Habitat ; Hydraulic works ; Insect ; Inter-disciplinary approach ; Research ; Stream ; United Kingdom
  • of mutual benefit and led to greater insights than discipline-specific work would have produced. Looking forward to 2020, several key challenges for experimentalists working on the interface of fluvial geomorphology, stream ecology and hydraulic engineering
  • Argentina ; Brazil ; Dam;Barrage ; Energy;Power ; Hydraulic power;Water energy ; Hydraulic works ; Paraguay ; Regional economy ; Regional planning ; Tourism ; Trade;Commerce
  • Segment-scale patterns and hydraulics of trace metal concentrations in fine grain sediments of a cobble and boulder bed mountain stream, southeast Alaska
  • Results indicate that there are no consistent downstream trends typical of those associated with tributary mixing at basin scales or with geochemical variability at segment-scales. Little in this work supports the concept of metal-rich or depleted
  • Canal ; Hydraulic works ; Irrigation ; Karakum ; Turkmenistan ; Water economics ; Water management ; Water use
  • The AA. outline problems entailed in the operation and maintenance of Turkmenistan's Kara Kum Canal, the world's largest irrigation canal. Prominent among these are the physical properties of the channel bed itself, the priority of hydraulic
  • Bed scouring downstream of hydraulic structures under steady flow conditions : experimental analysis of space and time scales and implications for mathematical modeling
  • Experimentation ; Hydraulic works ; Impact ; Mathematical model ; River bed ; Scouring ; Sediment transport ; Simulation ; Stream
  • In this work, attention is paid to scouring process occurring downstream of the rigid basement of a hydraulic structure. The analysis is focused on transient bed profiles which are determined, under steady flow conditions, by a decrease
  • Applied ecology ; Geomorphology ; Györ-Sopron ; Hungary ; Hydraulic works ; Stream
  • Dam ; Flood ; Hydraulic works ; Hydrological regime ; Ice ; Meltwater ; Poland ; Stream ; Wisła
  • Bibliography ; Carrying capacity ; Channel geometry ; Drainage network ; Floodplain ; Fluvial processes ; Fluvial terrace ; Human impact ; Hydraulic works ; Model ; Sediment budget ; Sediment transport ; Stream flow ; Suspended load
  • Braided channel ; Channel geometry ; Deforestation ; Flood ; Historical geography ; Hydraulic works ; River bed ; Stream