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  • Limited pliocene glacier extent and surface uplift in middle Taylor Valley, Antarctica
  • The purpose of this paper is to assess the degree of stability/instability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Pliocene by dating and mapping surficial deposits in middle Taylor Valley in the Dry Valleys region of southern Victoria Land.
  • Late Tertiary Antarctic paleoclimate and ice-sheet dynamics inferred from surficial deposits in Wright Valley
  • . Furthermore, an East Antarctic outlet glacier has not expanded into east-central Wright Valley in at least the last 3.8 Ma, thus precluding ice-sheet overriding of the Dry Valleys region during this interval. Overall, Wright Valley data imply that the adjacent
  • East Antarctic Ice Sheet sensitivity to Pliocene climatic change from a dry valleys perspective
  • paleoclimate and ice sheet history. Then they test these predictions from an examination of landscape development and surficial sediments in the Dry Valleys sector of the Transantarctic Mountains.
  • Miocene-Pliocene-Pleistocene glacial history of Arena Valley, Quatermain Mountains, Antarctica