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  • Hypsometric forcing of stagnant ice margins: Pleistocene valley glaciers, San Juan Mountains, Colorado
  • Colorado ; Deglaciation ; Glacial valley ; Glacier margin ; Hypsometry ; Model ; Mountain ; Pleistocene ; Quaternary ; Topography ; United States of America
  • The A. uses the location of stagnant ice deposits in many San Juan valleys, Colorado, to test how valley hypsometry and topographic obstructions influence the type of margin present during valley glacier retreat.
  • Glacial valley cross-profile development: the influence of in situ rock stress and rock mass strength, with examples from the Southern Alps, New Zealand
  • Glacial erosion ; Glacial valley ; Model ; Mountain ; New Zealand ; Shear stress ; Slope gradient ; South Island ; Structural stability ; Tectonics ; Valley
  • Southern Alps. Finally, a conceptual model is proposed linking the factors involved in controlling glacial valley cross-profile development. Such a model is required for realistic modelling of valley profile evolution.
  • Development of glacial-valley cross sections under conditions of spatially variable resistance to erosion
  • Erodibility ; Glacial erosion ; Glacial valley ; Lithology ; Model ; New Zealand ; Slope gradient ; Spatial variation ; Valley
  • A simulation model that examines the development of valley cross-profiles as a result of glacial erosion has been constructed by placing a finite-element model for ice flow within an iterative program that modifies channel cross-section form
  • California ; Channel geometry ; Downcutting ; Drainage network ; Fluvial processes ; Glacial erosion ; Lateral moraine ; Meltwater ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary ; Sierra Nevada ; Stratigraphy ; United States of America ; Valley
  • Deep canyon erosion and diversion of more than 300 km2 of the former upper Bear River is documented with stratigraphic and morphologic evidence. A hypothesis is presented that the channel diversion and much of the local South Yuba valley incision