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  • Biophysical aspects of vegetative soil and water conservation practices in the Inter-Andean Valleys of Bolivia
  • Reviews the results of the current Department for International Development (DFID) Hillsides Project in Bolivia, which aims to develop and diffuse practices for soil and water conservation. The study area is three valley provinces in Santa Cruz
  • and productivity. Crop residue increased water infiltration and yields in the Cochabamba high valley. However, in Chuquisaca the effects of ground cover were small or negative. Seeders are discussed. - (SLD)
  • efficiency. Three examples from Latin America demonstrate the authors' thesis : Cochabamba valley of Bolivia, Merenson reserve in northern Honduras, and tropical bolivia. - (SLD)
  • A. discuss a methodology, based on EUROSEM, SLOPE/w and SEEP/w models, for quantifying the effects of live barriers on the stability of agricultural land in the Andean valleys of Bolivia. The methodology involves computer simulation of slope